Monday, December 19, 2011

#EUSSR: Welcome in the Fiscal Compact #FU

As the dust of the 10th EU summit of the year is settling, it's turning out Britain #FU isn't as isolated as some extremely bigoted oyrophiles #FU would have it. The episode clearly illustrates just how free one is to answer the demands of 'solidarity'. Who dares to refuse to sacrifice national sovereignty to the collective, is shred to pieces by the euro harpies #FU
With Euro Disaster Areas (EDA) Finland #FU and Netherlands #FU having noted constitutional problems with signing off on the FisCom dotted line, turns out non EDA nations Hungary #FU and the Czech Republic #FU are following Cameron's example in rejecting the treaty (draft text) #FU
In other news: with Europhiles #FU having been separated from reality for a long time, insanity is what one does apparently when Rome is burning. From Expatica:
European Union finance ministers raced against the clock on Monday to meet a self-imposed deadline to raise 200 billion euros ($260 billion) for new eurozone bailout funding. The target figure and a 10-day deadline to deliver the cash pledges to the IMF was decided by EU leaders in the early hours of a December 9 summit and effectively expires at midnight (2300 GMT).
At 21:00 with another 2 hours to go in the boost marathon, EUR 150bln have been collected. Another 2 hours and just EUR 50bln more to go: EU sees German share of IMF at EUR 41.5bln, French share at EUR 31.4bln and Italy bailing out Italy @ EUR 23.5bln.
This afternoon ECB Pres Draghi #FU addressed the euro circus (report). @Zerohedge Watch Mario Draghi Predict The Future... Because when it comes to forecasting, central planners rock LOL
And then the mother of all chutzpahs: Telegraph: "EU demands £25bn lifeline from the UK" #FU

Telegraph: "Graphic: EU treaty and Eurozone crisis deadlock explained"
Draft 1 FisCOM #FU
Update: draft 2 Fiscom upgraded to Treaty on the request of France