Monday, November 14, 2011

#EUSSR: Brussels Delighted With "Regime Changes"

The tyrants in BRX expressed satisfaction today with the news of the "regime changes" in Athens and Rome. Seldom has the news of a coup against two democratically elected governments and the installation of fascist regimes met with so much delight. Earlier today we posted on the particulars of the Brussels sockpuppets, who grew to greatness in the ranks of the #EUSSR, global banking and/or the Goldman Sachs. Prison Planet: "Banker Coup: Goldman Sachs Takes Over Europe"
Forex: "Schaeuble: If Greece Wants To Go, It Can Go…" Uhm, He didn’t exactly say that, but it is clearly the subtext ... LOL
Komisar Merkel meanwhile is preparing the groundwork at home: an amendment of the German Constitution enabling #EFSF, #EMS and fiscal and legal integration. The peoples of Europe are sold out by their own leaders - it's come to that. Pitchforks for BRX anyone ... anyone?