Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#EUSSR: Another Eight Putsches To Go!!

History is made before our very eyes. In reverse. The #EUSSR is coming to full fruition as it was intended. 

by Sir @Boekefalos
It walks like a duckit quacks like a duck, surprise! it's a fully fledged despotic diving duck.

When the europhiles enforced the bailout on the Irish (a bailout you see, isn't social welfare for states, but a means to prop up the currency) the price was 85 billion euros or 3,900 euros per year per Irish family. General elections were prohibited and the Irish were lumbered until February 2011 with Taoiseach Biffo, the worst and least popular MEGA Keynes tax & spend PM in Irish history.

Merkozy is refusing to restructure the debt. The EU had made clear it contracts the state, not any particular government (please make a mental note of this!). The Irish should first give up their means of survival, the low corporate tax rate (taxation you see is ethical in the eyes of the worshipers of the state).

After the elections Enda Kerry emerged as the new Taoiseach, a close political proxi of Merkel (scroll down to 2011 general election). The Irish have become the slaves of Europe. That's a bitter conclusion after a hard and prolonged battle for independence with the United Kingdom. Game over, Paddy!

Then it was the turn of the cradle of Western civilization. The Greeks got a haircut of 50%, but things will be dismal for years to come. G-Pap was taken for a chat at Cannes by Merkozy and the Hellenes were cheated out of the brilliant idea of a referendum. A broad kitchen cabinet  is mandated, in which as many parties as possible are compromized in enslaving the Greek nation. The voters, come next February, will have the choice of two parties: the Kommunist party or the radical left, because these are the only ones resisting the EU's demands. Loyalty declarations are also mandated (in spite of the fact that the EU is contracting the state, not the government!).

The leader of the center-right New Democracy party, Samaras, is resisting. The Greeks have become the slaves of Europe. That's a bitter conclusion after a hard and prolonged battle for independence with the Turks. Game over, keftedes*!
In the land of the Romans, decadence with style, and granddad BUNGA BUNGA Berlo the interest rate on bonds surged to over 7% last week *tuttobene* a sign that facts have started to penetrate the telfon security layer of wish think. In Italy the Greek template is applied: a broad circle of conspirators led by a sock puppet. Which parties will jump the band wagon is unclear at this stage, but the stooge in question is, Super Mario Monti.

The looney left, in #Occupy and #ArabicSpring mode is amply represented in the cheering mass, lauding that the dictator Daffi Assad Mussolini  stood down was hanged upside down is gone. They are too brainwashed to see that the country has already forfeited its democratic status and sovereignty; it's under control of the despised central banksters while they cheer Democracy At Last! But Berlo's role isn't finished yet. The business man is a very agile chess player. To be continued.

Background: The EZ disaster area: Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Luxemburg, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Austra, Portugal and Spain. Three democratically elected governments toppled so far, Belgium doesn't have one: another 8 to go!

For the vital particulars of the three stooges read "#EUSSR: The Three Stooges, Who Are They"

*Balkan balls