Monday, November 7, 2011

Eurofascism: European Integration and the Oyro (part 2)

- by @Duivels666 -
Crony capitalism is a form of corporatism that has nothing to do with capitalism itself. Neither does the incarnated market phobia that socialists pejoratively refer to as neo liberalism. So called 'Regulators' and 'Authorities' and other national and European fasces control the markets so they continue to perform according to wishes of the little emperors. It's like appointing a Weather Czar. It's Orwellian
The postmodern economic system has not reached the level of a plan economy (yet), but it is a controlled system that is actually closer to fascism than it is to laissez faire capitalism.
During the lastest salvaging operation in Brussels it became apparent that European leaders see their pet coin as state property. At no point in time was there any evidence of the awareness our treasure is actually a prime natural right, the right to property. But perhaps that is because fiat money is valueless paper backed up by nothing but ones and zeros
The Keynesian mountains of debt (vid: Keynesianism Part I) left by the socialistic nanny states can basically be solved in two ways: controlled hyper inflation (Quantitative Easing (QE)), causing the debts, pensions and savings to evaporate; or draconic austerity measures. In the first case the economy will contract and deflation and stagflation may ensue. The EZ must stay in place so the dollar, yuan, yen and oyro can hyper inflate and the monetary system to embark on anyther cycle of  "boom & bust". Option 2, the real doctor, involves some ouch. But after a period of stagnation the markets pull the economy out the bog. But the first option is prefered by politicians, because the decline is slower and they can present themselves as monetary snake oil sales men wonder doctors. 
Have you noticed the #Occupy movement is targeting banksters and Big Corporations, but never politicians and governments (#Occupy hold up Obama in effigy)? They protest the results of  "tax and spend" (vid: Keynes versus Hayek Round II), but go on to blame capitalism and the banksters, and demand more of the same disaster politics. Are these useful idiots, or clueless stooges, dupes and zombies? 
In part 1 we saw the common currency is the superglue of European integration and origin of that vision is a Nazi blueprint: a common market and a European Confederation within the Fourth Reich under German leadership. It seems hardly possible. Yet this is what will happen should France lose it Triple A status and Sarko & Co. can no longer participate in the ESFS bailout fund. All bets are off, all balls are up in the air. These are uncertain times. Who would have thought ten years ago that we would be writing history today.

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