Tuesday, October 4, 2011

EUtopia: the debris of failed state megalomania

Mean spirited peasants, short sighted bigots, revanchistic Euro deniers, destructive xenophobes, racists, nationalists, malcontented chauvinists, Nazis, Fascists, extremists -  euro-skeptics have heard it all before. Despite the collapsing single currency it's amazing there isn't much more Schadenfreude around. No one as yet has dared utter, I told yah so, or called to "Hang 'em High"! That's is perhaps because everyone is waiting with bated breath what will happen in the Euro disaster area.
But if an entire political class has been pushing a vision of a single Europe for over half a century or so - how happy we would all become in a continent without vicious nation states full of knuckledragging reactionaries - methinks a debate would be in order. And while we're on the job we might as well have a word or two on the other articles of faith on which the ruling class has reached consensus, like man-made global warming and the enrichment of EUtopia through mass migration and multicult. We are not talking about a few minor political accidents, or uneventful miscalculations. Generations of Europeans have been force-fed on the failed philosophy and now we see its collapse before our very eyes in slow motion. The illusion of climate warming and the delusion of the single currency are all symptoms of the same pseudo religion, anti-realistic notions spawned from the brains of progressive social engineers who sought to prevent the horrors of World War II. But they wittingly made the wrong analysis: the collectivist left was spared, while collectivist right bore the full brunt of the blame. But to find the true culprit they would have had to dig yet one layer deeper: collectivism itself. The Founding Fathers of Europe were mental midgets compared to the giants that founded the US. The result of the cosmopolitan globalist obsession was covert European integration, under false flag and against the will of the people. We are at present looking at the monetary implosion of what should have been the wedge to enforce the U.S. of E. Could we be looking forward to a collective 'sorry, wir haben es nicht gewusst' under the banner of the good-intent-lousy-result-never-mind ethics? Or will it be Nurnberg style tribunals and de-eurofossilizing? Only time will tell. At this stage literally anything is possible. The lesson: loyalty to the darned nation state - provided it isn't based on Blood and Earth gutter collectivism - is far superior to the culture salad diversity by stealth. To quote Ed West in an article in the British Telegraph: "we are all extremists now".
Spiegel Online: Photo Gallery: The Euro Crisis in Pictures

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