Monday, October 24, 2011

Epic Fail: #EUSSR Race to the Abyss

They don't do what's necessary, but whatever happens to be possible under a compromise. Case in point: headline: "EZ leaders discussing Greek haircut: Germany wants 60%, France 40%, compromise around 50%, no decision yet" (update). Government by compromize is always weak. The Oyrozone countries are paying the price.

Former EU Commissioner Frits Bolkestein is explaining the error: decision making has "shifted from the Commission to the Council of Government leaders (...) He pointed out that in the Commission a simple majority was required for important decisions. At present all government leaders must agree unanimously." Pomo truth by consensus is hampering effective decision making. While Friday evening the Head FinHonchos of the oyro disaster area were trying to save the currency, the IMF dropped a nuke: Europe can bailout the Hellenic train wreck itself! The IMF is not going to pay for the 2nd bailout.
British parliament is voting tomorrow on an epic proposal for a referendum that has been in the works for years. While there are many Tory rebels it will be voted down with the assistance of Labour. All Socialists <3 the #EUSSR. The people just cannot be allowed to have a say in the future of their country. The true prog knows the unwashed are simply too stupid to know what's good for them.
In the meanwhile 'President' rUmpy pUmpy has prepared a putsch. Marching ahead to a United States of Europe with the Brits having their temper tantrums in the margin - the wet dream of the founding Oyrophiles!
The French banks have had a tsunami of Greek debt to cope with. If they are bailed out with French money, the country will lose its triple A status, required for the temporary bailout fund EFSF. By that time all will be over. The Germans cannot support the already tight fund by themselves (and a few small fry). The summit planned for Wednesday may be postponed till Thursday. Eagerly awaiting Merkozy presser -
Update: Gallo-British fitty
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