Monday, October 17, 2011

Def's Analysis: the Extremely Dangerous #Occupy Death Cult

Tx @BigFurHat
The #OccupyWallStreet movement started in the United States. The protesters want more equality and less avarice. It is mostly the private sector that is being targeted (barring a few grunts against the FED). Since the last couple of days the protests have spread to other cities in the world. Since Saturday October 15 #Occupy rallies are being held in 82 countries. Should you be one of those braindead nihilistic lemmings, you are probably unaware what the Occupy movement is forcing on us. But the next chart is making that plain in the blink of an eye.
This chart is showing the strategies and tactics used over the last decades to lumber the world with Socialism/Marxism. The colored text represents the most recent period. If you look carefully at the terms and the paths taken, you'll see that Socialists over the years have often chosen much less direct propaganda methods. Those methods were not chosen haphazardly, but were developed by the Frankfurt School. The last method worked wonderfully until very recent, but it has been losing ground due to the free flow of information on the Internet. So Socialists were forced to think of new ways. Many powerful Leftists involved are well capable of such a feat, for instance: Naomi Klein, Michael Moore, Slavoj Žižek, Naom Chomski, Paul Krugman and George Soros. A broad coalition was formed who said rthat the soft, indirect method isn't working anymore, so let's use the current momentum (the crisis) to adopt a more direct way. Enough already with the half baked rants about multiculturalism and environmentalism; let's take a blunt implement to ethics and reality. The result is your typical Occupy protester: semi and full throttle hippies who often enough don't even know why they are there and are unashamed to admit it; complaining that wealth and money are the root of all evil. People who support liberty, individualism and life, are at a loss how to handle the new, in your face movement. They are scared stiff, like a deer in the head lights. And that is not very clever and it's very dangerous besides. In form and nature these protests are in the tradition of the agitation that led to the rise of Communism, fascism, the 1968 student rebellion and the ensuing counter-cultural revolution, and the Islamo-Marxist Arab 'spring'.
Rest assured that with lack of a prompt answer the direct method will be even more effective than the indirect way. Within months the thousands may become millions. The only reason why the direct method has failed in the past, is that it was tried and self destructed. The world cannot afford another socialist experiment. Do not allow the Occupiers their Utopia! Destroy them (with the pen) before it's too late.

By Def