Saturday, September 17, 2011

Viva La Revolución! On the Barricades! A la Lanterne! NOT

For years now we've been looking forward to this LOL. Read it all in The Coming Insurrection. From #France the resistance migrated via #Italy to #Greece where it caused the deaths of at least four people. From there it moved across the EastMed to #Tunesia #Egypt and #Syria. It got a few revolts going in #Bahrain (now occupied by Saudia) and #Yemen, claimed uproar in #Spain, a war in #Libya (even though that was NATO in close cooperation with Al Qaeda) and the bread riots the iPhone uproar in Londen, the revolution arrived today in Amsterdam #003120 under the name #Beurspleinbezetting (occupation of Stock Exchange Square), (drunk (?) live blogged on Moeten We Niet Willen by @Cappuccino ;-)). Pica by Wael Ghomin wannabe, @jaimyfox - Tx). 

It's a miniature copy of today's goings on in #NewYork where #OccupyWallStreet and the #USDayOfRage #USDOR are being held LOOOOL ;-))). The revolution has now petered out somewhat. Who decided to sleep in a bit this morning will have a second chance next week in +003170 (via @JohnitoBlog) on the hashtag #WalkOfShame and on twitter @PGBonzeZORG LULz During the demo on September 19 in 070 the organizers are offering a soap box to various people and a broad range of organizations ... as long as they are clones of the Socialist Party, blinkered followers of dialectic materialism. In the meanwhile watchers of the Opening Day of Parliament have produced a few figures: Revenues: 269,4 billion, Expenses: 287,2 billion euro. Netherlands government budget (via @ejo60). Our sovereign debt totals presently € 43.454 per working citizen: (via @Percolator_HNJ) - so this is well worth a Walk of Shame ... oh, w8! The Socialist Party is doing a frigging good job deconstructing the ruling paradigm. Good luck with the resurrection, folks! Enjoy the revolution on twitter!

Update: The Blaze: random vids of #DayOfRage