Saturday, September 17, 2011

Viva La Revolución! On the Barricades! A la Lanterne! NOT

For years now we've been looking forward to this LOL. Read it all in The Coming Insurrection. From #France the resistance migrated via #Italy to #Greece where it caused the deaths of at least four people. From there it moved across the EastMed to #Tunesia #Egypt and #Syria. It got a few revolts going in #Bahrain (now occupied by Saudia) and #Yemen, claimed uproar in #Spain, a war in #Libya (even though that was NATO in close cooperation with Al Qaeda) and the bread riots the iPhone uproar in Londen, the revolution arrived today in Amsterdam #003120 under the name #Beurspleinbezetting (occupation of Stock Exchange Square), (drunk (?) live blogged on Moeten We Niet Willen by @Cappuccino ;-)). Pica by Wael Ghomin wannabe, @jaimyfox - Tx). 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hell and Brimstone! Euri Rescue Plan Does Mass Putsch!

Perceptive readers have known for a long time that Europe has been set up as quasi yank country to compete on the world stage with the real yanks. Except that we can't because we don't have the brain power to do so. Mentally we are still slaves and therefore can't think BIG and independently. After a bit of a kurfuffle and perhaps some brouhaha we submissively accept the world-historical facts our betters have thought up for us. Because they would never be able to accomplish it by democratic means, they don't let a crisis go to waste to shove us their supranational Utopia down the throat. Take the Greek, Irish and Portuguese bailouts as an example.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

DigiNotarGate! Islamofascists Stole Dutch SSNs? So What?

Dutch Internet safety certificate authority DigiNotar has been hacked by Iran. Entirely. Not just the commercial department, but also the 'hermetically separated' section that provides safety certs for the Dutch govt. DigiNotar has foreign companies and governmental agencies as its clients too. It will take some time to figure out the total damage involved. This is the conclusion of forensic ICT company, Fox-IT (govt statement (PDF)). DigiNotar, the Home Office, Logius (SSN management agency) and GovCERT have maintained until last night that Iran's islamohackers have not been able to get to the state certs. But in an unusual midnight presser the Home Secretary has admitted that the govt certs have been compromized as well.