Sunday, August 21, 2011

#NWO: The Anti-Human United Nazis Agenda 21

Yes, dear readers, you may not know it, but we are living at the height of what the United Nazis term the Decade of Sustainability Education (2005-2015). This is to education as ClimateGate stands to the weather. It is a full attack of the global elite on reason, science, reality and inalienable rights. These have to be destroyed, because they enable showing the elite's justifications to power and money are in fact HOAXES.
The United Nazis Action Plan Agenda 21 for sustainable development has made a frontal assault on national sovereignty (erase the borders brigades, EU, NGOs, etc.); it wants to abolish our super basic property rights (communism), to destroy parental autonomy over their children and greatly curtail personal development and individual mobility. School children are being mind fucked along the guidelines of UNESCO and purposely dumbed down. Because stupid people stay poor, consume less and that is a plus for the environment. Intrepid readers may have had personal experiences of these phenomena. This is an agenda against humanity, against the individual, against inalienable rights, against liberty and the values of the free West. Nature over humanity is an anti humanity agenda. The New World Order Isn't a HOAX. Locutus is among us!

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Via @UNagenda21