Sunday, August 28, 2011


- Harry Hay - 
Cultural Marxism, which aims at subverting Western civilization by incrementally gnawing away at its foundations, has safely landed after forty years at the rockbottom of the pit of objective evil. If the self appointed paladins of the 'weakest in society' end up as advocates of b*st*rds who can't help themselves in the presence of children, you truly are *SUPER SATANIC*.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

#NWO: The Anti-Human United Nazis Agenda 21

Yes, dear readers, you may not know it, but we are living at the height of what the United Nazis term the Decade of Sustainability Education (2005-2015). This is to education as ClimateGate stands to the weather. It is a full attack of the global elite on reason, science, reality and inalienable rights. These have to be destroyed, because they enable showing the elite's justifications to power and money are in fact HOAXES.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

OMG! The Strong Arm is Going Sustainable, Terror Reigns!

British police top brass Tim Godwin slammed ConLib Prime Minister David Cameroon yesterday for criticizing police performance during the spell of rioting in which poor people protested against the rich who don't pay taxes and against Teaparty values that threaten to take Western societies by storm spring revolution. Awwww, cry baby Timmy is dangling, politically speaking! In the pomo police is doesn't matter if you are a good copper, or not. The pomo top brass loves his coppers for who they are as human beings. He doesn't value them for their achievements! Value judgments are so terribly thinking 1.0!

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