Sunday, July 24, 2011


"Anders Breivik published in September 2008 an article on
an anti islam website under the pseudonym of Fjordman"
The 0031 state TV @NOS is reporting that the Norwegian mega terrorist Breivit (manifesto), who produced a blood bath last Friday on the island of Utøya among Pali loving socialist youths, is one and the same as the author and blogger Fjordman. The latter however was emotionally live blogging the events from his kitchen table. Fjordman maintains in a posting on Gates of Vienna that arch enemy Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs is behind the villainous false id. 
Whatever the case may be, Dutch state TV @NOS has plastered the disinformation on its website thus committing a MAJOR GAFFE when found out. Waiting correction! And humble apologies to the Fjordman and the dUtch Tax Payer! Penalty: write 100.000 times: I SHALL NOT FIB TO MY PAY MASTERS AND I WILL NEVER AGAIN COMMIT AGIT PROP OR DEMONIZE NICE, HONEST RIGHT WING PPL.