Sunday, June 12, 2011

What You May Not Know: These 5 Topdogs Weren't On the Bilder-List

These folks were NOT on the Bilder-List, but went to the Bilderberg meet up  anyway. How transparant! But *ssssssssht!* or you'll be wearing a tin foil hat.

1. Angela Merkel (End Boss Germany) 

2. Anders Rasmussen (End Boss NATO)

3. Jose Luis Zapatero (End Boss Spain) 

4. Robert Gates (End Boss US Defense)

5. Bill Gates (former End Boss Microsoft)

(Source: The Guardian)

Why isn't this plastered above the fold across all front pages?

Again, on the agenda:

1. War. More troops to Libya.
2. Free Internet must Die.
3. More money to banks & the European PIGS countries.

...and then revert to above 5 Power Creeps. Is the pleuro-20-cents-coin beginning to drop? Good! Then why not make the MOST of an otherwise boring Sunday and write/mail your paper and confront them with their lax attitude? 

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