Monday, June 27, 2011


#EUSSR President Rumpy Pumpy is calling his new European office his bling bling box. The British endboss David Cameron likens it to a  "gilted cage". Bill Cash MP has demanded an investigation into the costs involved in this "'Aladdin's palace...a cross between the bonfire of the vanities and Kafka's Castle'". His Grace typifies it as the womb of the cult of death.
The 'organic' edifice of steel and glass in the shape of an urn is exlained by the EUSSR nomenklatura as the "E-Uterus", in other words the uterus of Europe. The design was presented last Thursday in 14 page slick color prospectus @ the cost of $164.000. While the people in Greece, Portugal and Ireland are brought to their knees, and the rest of Euriland is on the eve of a monetary implosion, Europe's little sun kings are festing on the remains of the marginal nation states. The presentation took place prior to talks about the second Greek bailout, during a dinner consisting of an entrĂ©e of scallops with artichoke vinaigrette and black cod with onion ragout as a main cource, all washed down with a 2009 Sancerre. Whereas rumor has it that the EU exodus from Brussels has already begun as fears of the collapse of the artificial country of Belgium is mounting, this particular project turns out to be one of Europe's 'irreversible decisions'. Inauguration is scheduled for 2014. The building is filled to the brim with policor toys like the "colourful woven carpet" to represent "European diversity". The entire edifice is of course climate guild proof The British are throwing a tiffy! The Germans are also fed up. While harsh budgetary cuts are inevitable, the Euricrats continue to burn our money on prestigeous projects. It will not be long before the time has come for a people's coup. Hat tip: @HelenaJacobs