Sunday, June 5, 2011

Culture: Down With Us!

Are you already in touch with your inner cannibal? Because beneath a thin layer of "civilization" lurks a primitive human flesh consumer you are secretly  trying to repress! At least, that's what the Kultur chefs of a Berlin exhibition, entitled "All Cannibals?" are saying. The word "cannibal" has been around since the 17th century as a blanket term for "savages" and other premos. With the passing of time the ritualistic meaning disappeared and the "spirit" of the word was demonized, is the argument of the Culture Cardinals. That enabled so called "civilized" westerners to project their own cannibalistic libido on to the great unwashed in their own societies  (I kid you not).
The purpose of this piece of crypto agitprop is to fabricate a logic that cannibals are actually the ones who are civilized, while we modern westerners are the bigotted barbarians who are denying their own deep-seated wish to cook others in a pot. Explanation of the Art by Vik Muniz: earth devoured by modern, evil consumers (2005)! Read Der Spiegel's Zeitgeist Kultur segment in English en here peek at porn picas of human meat consumption.