Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yuk? Slutwalk Amsterdam

In this little Calvinist country where everything is forbidden, we can only dream of naked decadence; this country, where teenagers are hoisted into chastity belts at the earliest signs of puberty, where beating up gays is a national bloodsport, and where short skirts are habitually blamed for sexual assault - what this country needs a really really really tough, in your face awareness manifestation! No problem, frustrated nymphos, playas and sissy male sluts. From the country of the uber successful multicult, now the uber successful SlutWalk

"The Walk is starting at 4 p.m. on the Dam Square. Destination is the Gay Monument. SlutWalk wants to contribute to the promotion of sexual liberty and autonomy. All sluts, fags, hoes, dikes, kings and queens are moving to the capital on June 4. SlutWalk Amsterdam is protesting against a society where victims are being blamed for sexual violence, where gays and lesbians may not be visible, and where transgenders are told they are 'unnatural'. "With the SlutWalk we want to counter the increasing pressure to be 'normal'", says spokesperson Mirjam van Heugten. "In the Netherlands women have to guard not being seen as sluts, while men are desperately clinging to their 'maleness'. What a ho is to women, is the fag to men. SlutWalk is a platform where sluts, dikes, gays and everyone in between will have their sexuality and looks no longer  determined by the terrible constraints of Dutch morality."