Sunday, May 22, 2011

In-Depth Research: the Dutch Royals and the New World Order

On Sunday May 8, in a lusciously foliaged area in the central part of the Netherlands, fotographer Arthur Batenburg spotted a festive party in a horse drawn carriage. It carried Queen Beatrix, her son Friso and his wife Mabel and their two daughters, and a number of celebs from the we're-all-interconnected-now Global-Village-crowd: the likes of Desmond Tutu, Richard Branson, Kofi Annan and Mary Robinson. As faithful royalty watchers may be aware, the Dutch ruling family since its alliance to Mabel Lalouche has dipped even deeper up to its eye balls into the New World Order than they already were.
At the height of the Cold War in 1952 Beatrix' mother, Juliana held a pacifistic Chamberlain speech to a stunned joint session of the US Congress (audio). Beatrix' father, Bernhard, laid the groundworks for the annual Bilderberg alu hat conferences. After early debaucheries that made themselves felt as far afield as Bosnia and Chili (Holleeder file) (involvement in sacking of Srebrenica), Lalouche is directing SPECTRE on behalf of the New World Order from its European headquarters in Brussels. Her proponent, Blofeld Nazi admirer George SoroS will shortly let the axe fall on the free world in a Bretton Woods coup.
The royal guests on May 8 are the top of the transnational progressivism movement. This self-appointed elite, entitled "The Elders" is chaired by Lalouche herself. Read here how The Elders initiate 'peace missions' to semi and unadulterated tyrannies, among which Kim Jong Il's gulag of North Korea. The delegation became so entranced with the dear leader, they spontaneously proposed to open up negotiations. Just where exactly a compromise with a sociopath and a mass murderer will end up is yet to be seen: would the sacrifice of half the North Korean population be sufficient to satisfy the global Cumbaya, or will one quarter be the hard limit?