Friday, May 13, 2011

CRISIS! From the Crisismakers: "More Of It, Or We're Kaputt!"

While Dutch parliamentarians were called back from recess yesterday morning for a secret meeting with the FinMin and the director of the national bank to discuss a second bailout for the Hellenes (see our scoop on May 10), important news was breaking from the US. Sit down for this one! The socialist Bamster regime is going to crack down with all available means on banks that refuse to furnish the poor with mortgages (the so called poison bundles or subprime loans).  
Big banksters guilty of red lining (discrimination of the hoods) may be slammed with millions of $$ of shake down penalties by the fair loans unit of the JustDept. Big, mean, evil capitalists who are discriminating, refusing to voluntarily participate in corporate social responsibility socialist business model, consider yourself cautioned! An article on Tax UK Research is pleading for more $$$$$$ printing, more uber taxation, not cutting deficits but rather #uncut them. Gutmenschen have even started social rumors that corporate taxation is actually a subsidy.  If great capitalists had paid their dues, the crisis would have been averted and deficit cuts would not have been necessary. The subprime crisis part 2 is under way to a place near you!