Monday, September 26, 2016


America's Greatest: Official Announcement Trailer.

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In the early hours of the evening of July 15 elements of the Turkish armed forces staged a failed coup against the Muslim Brotherhood regime of President Erdogan. In the meantime a diplomatic row with the US is brewing over the extradition of Erdogan's arch rival Gulen, exiled in the US. Turkey has closed Incirlik airbase, host to 1500 US personnel and a number of nukes.

UPDATE: Wikileaks has released the latest batch of Hillary emails that link her to the Foundation and Gulen activists who Erdogan says is implicated in the July coup. 


Terror attacks are accelerating at light speed. The authorities and the media are baffled what could possibly be the common denominator and imply we are the victims of chance, colonialism or a natural disaster. The attacks are becoming more frequent and more severe. But still denial reigns

UPDATE: In the wake of the Trump surge Governments and the media are now actively involved in covering up any links to Islam, Muslims or terrorism. While Trump is maligned for "jumping to conclusions" about a bomb in New York before they say so, the riots in Sweden are attributed to gang war, while the nail bomb in Budapest and the mass shooting by a Turk in Washington was initially ascribed to a Hispanic. One of his victims was a 15 year old girl who survived cancer, only to be shot dead by this satan's spawn. But whereas we can rest assured that the facts in the US will at some point are uncovered, in Europe there is no such guarantee.


The Ruling Party is in a panic. The Country Class is in insurgent mode. Conservative purists, the establishment and progressive globalists prefer Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, an uncontrolled maverick patriot who has been chosen as the Republican nominee for the US Presidential elections. After the conventions the unarmed civil war started in earnest.

Sep 26, 2016 RSBN "pregame" broadcast for the first Presidential debate of 2016 between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

UPDATE: RSBN will be LIVE from Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY for the first Presidential debate of 2016 between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Coverage starts live at 6:00 PM ET. Watch the LIVE stream or the replay. Bw, Gennifer Flowers will not be attending the debate. In the meantime the Democrats have disseminated the narrative that Trump is such a liar that the moderator is required to go beyond the call of duty and double as her fact checker. Like Mike Lauer, Lester Holt's career is dog's breakfast if he doesn't play moderator, judge, jury and executioner tonight. Apparently Hillary can't hope to win the debate without stacking the deck. Sad really. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016


The Government and Internet Freedom is a contradiction. Statists believe the free market is the enemy, but they are proved wrong. Obama has appropriated the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and means to dispense with it as he sees fit. He's going to transfer control to the globalist One World Government in waiting, the evil United Nations. 

UPDATE: When the Obama administration announced its plan to give up U.S. protection of the internet, it promised the United Nations would never take control. But because of the administration’s naiveté or arrogance, U.N. control is the likely result if the U.S. gives up internet stewardship as planned at midnight on Sept. 30.


Social media are under attack for their left-leaning bias and censoring politically incorrect users and content. These policies are egged on by Social Justice Warriors and 'snowflakes' seeking safe spaces free from dissent. In the meantime social media are censoring and suspending Conservative activists wherever the opportunity presents itself.

UPDATE: After Milo Yinannopoulos @Nero's perma ban from Twitter, today it's the turn of veteran Conservative activist and blogger Glenn Reynolds a.k.a. @InstaPundit. What caused the wrath of the SJW on Twitter's Virtue Board is Reynolds' advice to a driver caught up in the Charlotte rioting of BlackLivesMatter to stay in the car and if necessary run over the rioters to escape the war zone. Apparently Twitter would have drivers to abandon their car and risk their lives. The riots have already claimed one life. Tweeps have responded with complaints to @Jack, the hashtag #FreeInstapundit and a call to block Twitter's advertisers. Many tweeps are already relocating to GAB.AI -- a twitter like platform that guarantees free speech. There is a waiting list for new accounts, but they're working hard to expand the capacity.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


In the United States and all over Europe Nationalism is on the rise. But it isn't the virulent, ethnic version that pitted nation against nation in previous centuries. Rather, it's much more based on shared Western values. But what does Nationalism 2.0 have to offer that Globalism does not?  

Sep 19, 2016 While unveiling the new Info Wars Live app Alex Jones goes ballistic on the globalists.

UPDATE: How bad things are is confirmed by none other than Obama himself. Realizing that John Kerry's "world without borders" gaffe was a trifle too much in your face, while taking a victory lap at the UN Obama launched the term "global integration". And if you believe we are talking conspiracy theory, here he confirms that economic globalism is already a fact (video). An illustration of the phantom economy is on today's Zero Hedge.


The FBI, Judicial Watch, Citizens United, congressional commissions have been conducting investigations into corruption and charity fraud related to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation and Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State. Latest: the House Science Committee. More on See also "Clinton Cash".

UPDATE: This posting on Reddit verifies beyond reasonable doubt that Combetta is Stonetear. (Source) His immunity is said to be revoked (unconfirmed). The Hill has the story.
The House Science Committee is demanding interviews this week with employees of the IT firm that managed Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Two of those employees, Paul Combetta and Bill Thornton, recently pleaded the Fifth Amendment when subpoenaed to testify about the server before the House Oversight Committee. Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) had originally demanded transcribed interviews with seven Platte River Networks employees in July, but has been rebuffed. But Monday reports that Reddit users have uncovered a post by Combetta asking how to modify certain emails for a “VERY VIP” client have led Smith to demand the interviews be scheduled by Friday of this week. “If true, these details raise new questions as to whether Platte River Networks purposefully defied legal document retention requirements. Further, it is unclear if the Federal Bureau of Investigation was aware of these facts at the time of their investigation,” Smith wrote in a letter sent Monday. (PDF) (...) 


The EU is limping from crisis to crisis. A currency and an economy under fire, an expensive migration crisis that puts pressure on open borders policy, the rights of women violated by Islamic rape culture, now almost daily terror attacks and globalists who are salvage their broke ideology. 

UPDATE: In yesterday's speech at the UNGA -- described by the media as a final victory round -- Obama introduced the term "global integration," which sounds better than John Kerry's world without borders. Obama made plain that he means to flood the US with "refugees," for the most part adherents to a hostile ideology. Obama garnered pledges from dozens of countries to resettle some 360,000 refugees, doubling the number of slots that were available last year. How has illegal become legal? Because the autocratic globalists say so. It is no coincidence that Syria's neighbors don't take refugees. As one has said, our country is just too valuable. So the coordinator of this Hijra (see the vid above) is funneling the Islamic migration stream towards the West. The US, France and the UK have been the most vocal about the civil war in Syria, but let's not forget who are the main instigators and beneficiaries of the wars in Syria and north Africa: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and a number of other Gulf states with oil interests in the region. The same Sunni Arab countries united in the OIC that is hugely influential in circles of globalists. Read Gas Plays an Explosive Role in the War in Syria for a total picture. We tend to look at these wars and issues as separate, but in the end it all hangs together. Each party has its own interests with the citizens of Western countries in the role of sacrificial animals.