Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Communication with the voters is an important component of Trumpism, directly through social media or through the hostile legacy and mainstream media. Here we collect President Trump's most important videos from a historical or of a political perspective. 

Jun 21, 3017 RSBN Live Stream: President Donald Trump Rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

UPDATE: RSBN is live from the scene as President Donald J. Trump holds a rally in Cedar Rapids, IA at US Cellular Center. The event is set to begin at 7:00 PM Central, with live coverage starting at 3:00 PM Central. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Political correctness, nihilism, radical equality, Social Justice Warriors, identity politics, demonization, personal attacks, emotional appeals, tamper tantrums, triggerings and safe spaces, the Alt-Right and the Alt-Left...what does it all mean? It's part of a study everyone needs to get acquainted with: social psychology (or social pathology, if you wish).

UPDATE: 'The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands!' Protester [Laura Loomer] runs on stage during Julius Caesar play which depicts Trump's assassination. (...) 'Right-wing' journalist and activist, Laura Loomer, stormed the stage shouting that the controversial play was 'unacceptable'. 'Stop the normalization of political violence against the right! This is unacceptable. You cannot promote this type of violence against Donald Trump!' 'This is violence against the right. This is violence against Donald Trump,' Loomer yelled as many people in the audience started to boo her off the stage. (...) More on and don't forget to donate to the defense fund. 

Friday, June 16, 2017


Globalists are obsessed with Russia, especially in the US where the deep state insists that "Russia hacked the election". First of all, phishing expeditions and disinformation are not hacking per se. Secondly, all Governments engage in it to some extent. Thirdly, the equivocation creates a dangerous misconception what constitutes actual cyber warfare. What is Putin really up to?

UPDATEUber Leftie film director Oliver Stone was granted access to Russian President Vladimir Putin over two years, resulting in a dozen interviews with no topic off-limits and a docu series entitled "The Putin Interviews". The almost embarrassing attacks on the US are all on the part of the film director. The series provides an interesting insight into Putin's live and his views on politics in the West and in Russia itself. He emerges as an intelligent man with a clear, untainted view of the world who owes nothing to the philosophical and moral confusion that is so prevalent in the West today.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The Democrats and the CIA say "the Russians hacked the DNC headquarters, Hillary's substandard server and/or campaign director Podesta" (or something) to achieve victory for Donald Trump. The content was never denied. The House and Senate Select Committees on Intelligence are investigating alleged collusion of the Trump campaign with Russia, to no avail so far. #CIACoup 

UPDATE: Michael Goodwin is looking back what leaks could can be attributed to Comey. There are at least three.
(...) By his actions, Comey reveals himself to be a fellow traveler with Never Trumpers. His firing brought him out of the shadows and into the open “resistance” to the president.  In hindsight, their clash was ­inevitable. (...) He admitted to the Senate he leaked just one memo criticizing Trump over the Gen. Michael Flynn case, asking a friend to give it to the New York Times. In its May 16 story, the paper identified its sources only as “two people who read the memo.” 


Terror attacks are accelerating at light speed. The authorities and the media are baffled what could possibly be the common denominator and abdicate their duty implying we are the victims of chance, colonialism or a natural disaster. The attacks are becoming more frequent and more severe. But still denial reigns

UPDATE: It's not the first apparent terrorist attack that is being covered up by the authorities. The policy seems to ascribe any incident to whatever cause, however improbable. The public is not buying it. But Leftist trolls are attacking anyone who voices skepticism. Never have freak accidents been so common! The driver in the Amsterdam attack remains a man of nondescript identity with a low blood sugar level ascribed to diabetes rather than Ramadan lent. He's been sent on his way with a traffic charge. The cameras were not operational at the time of the rampage. (Updated police report). (More (Dutch))

Friday, June 9, 2017


On June 23, 2016 the British people voted to Brexit. Britain joined the European Economic Community (the Common Market) as the EU was known then, in 1973. PM David Cameron (Remain) resigned after losing the referendum. Theresa May (also Remain) succeeded him on July 13, 2016. After miscalculating a snap election she lost a majority in Parliament, but will hang on to Government with the support of the DUP. 

UPDATE: Theresa May will form a minority Government to deliver Brexit in the wake of a disastrous election night for the Conservatives which left the UK with a hung parliament. Mrs May failed to secure the 326 seats she needed to form another majority government and will now seek to stay in power with the informal backing of the Democratic Unionist Party. Speaking in Downing Street after outlining her intentions to the Queen at Buckingham Palace the Prime Minister said: "What the country needs more than ever is certainty and having secured the largest number of votes and the greatest number of seats in the General Election it is clear that only the Conservative and Unionist Party has the legitimacy and ability to provide that certainty by commanding a majority in the House of Commons." (More)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


What connects former President Obama and the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the wars in the Middle East and North Africa and explains Western hate mongering against Russia? This rabbit hole goes deep. We pick up the story after President Trump's historic speech in Riyadh, cementing an alliance with over 50 Sunni Arab states against Iranian sponsored terrorism. 

UPDATE: It is no surprise that Germany would side with Iran's proxies Hamas and Qatar against the Sunni anti terrorist allies. The Europeans in general were warm promoters of Obama's deal with Iran; as soon as the agreement was implemented, German trade representatives scrambled to sign contracts in Tehran. Since Mrs Merkel's remarks last week that she can no longer trust the US to blindly go along with the globalist agenda, it has become clear that Germany and France mean to follow a course separate from the Atlantic Alliance. The German FM has  now made up an American doctrine called "Trumpization".


ObamaGate started with investigations under the false pretense that "Russia hacked the election". The House Intel Ctee chairman Nunes vindicated President Trump was surveilled (Senate probe). The Montgomery revelations confirmed this is not new. Then it transpired the discredited Steele "dossier" was the basis of the FISA warrant!

UPDATE: A former U.S. intelligence contractor [Dennis Montgomery] tells Circa he walked away with more than 600 million classified documents on 47 hard drives from the National Security Agency and the CIA, a haul potentially larger than Edward Snowden's now infamous breach. And now he is suing former FBI Director James Comey and other government figures, alleging the bureau has covered up evidence he provided them showing widespread spying on Americans that violated civil liberties. The suit, filed late Monday night by Dennis Montgomery, was assigned to the same federal judge who has already ruled that some of the NSA's collection of data on Americans violates the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, setting up an intriguing legal proceeding in the nation’s capital this summer. Montgomery says the evidence he gave to the FBI chronicle the warrantless collection of phone, financial and personal data and the unmasking of identities in spy data about millions of Americans,. (More, inclusing video interview with Dennis Montgomery)


After 8 years of Obama the globalist nihilists can't kick the addiction to power. The Democrats and Obama holdovers are subverting Pres. Trump's authority wherever they can. The narrative that Trump colluded with Russia has temporarily culminated in the installation of a Special Counsel headed by former FBI director Robert Mueller. 

June 6, 2017 Rush Limbaugh: NSA Leaker Reality Winner story too “convenient.” 

UPDATE: A number of commentators have been raising issues with the sudden discovery of the 25 year old linguist who leaked an NSA report of The Intercept and what this report reveals. That Obama must have known about it but lied, when he said in December that Russian interference with the voting machines wasn't possible. That Russian hacking is not very sophisticated as such; we're talking here about failed phishing expeditions. We made some remarks about the leaker's Twitter account yesterday, which almost reads like a parody. Sean Hannity also stated today he considers her a “small fish in a deep state pond.” Rush Limbaugh shares the same belief as many on Twitter that there is something fishy about the “official story”. He said the story behind the arrest of federal contractor Reality Winner is too “convenient.” “This document or this series of documents that were leaked to The Intercept by Reality Winner do not say what the Drive-By Media is reporting.” Evidence of collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russians remains as illusive as ever. (More) In the meantime we have Michael Moore and a California Congressman Ted Lieu encouraging lawbreaking; unless they reveal illegality, it isn't considered whistleblowing.