Friday, January 19, 2018


ObamaGate started with investigations under the false pretense that "Russia hacked the election". The House Intel Ctee chairman Nunes vindicated that President Trump was surveilled (Senate probe). Obama officials unmasked US private citizens; the information was then leaked to the media. The House Judicial Committee finally started a broad investigation and has requested another Special Counsel

Jan 19, 2018 Rep. Gaetz: Memo Will Be Released Soon - Heads Will Roll in DOJ and FBI.

UPDATEA Bombshell House Intelligence report exposing extensive FISA abuse could lead to the removal of senior government officials, by Sara Carter
A review of a classified document outlining what is described as extensive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse was made available to all House members Thursday and the revelations could lead to the removal of senior officials in the FBI and Department of Justice, several sources with knowledge of the document stated. These sources say the report is “explosive,” stating they would not be surprised if it leads to the end of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation into President Trump and his associates. The House Intelligence Committee passed the motion along party lines Thursday to make the classified report alleging extensive ‘FISA Abuse’ related to the controversial dossier available to all House members. The report contains information regarding the dossier that alleges President Trump and members of his team colluded with the Russians in the 2016 presidential election. Some members of the House viewed the document in a secure room Thursday. Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., offered the motion on Thursday to make the Republican majority-authored report available to the members. “The document shows a troubling course of conduct and we need to make the document available, so the public can see it,” said a senior government official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the document. “Once the public sees it, we can hold the people involved accountable in a number of ways.” (More)

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Communication with the voters is an important component of Trumpism, directly through social media or through the hostile legacy and mainstream media. Here we collect President Trump's most important videos from a historical or of a political perspective. 


Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Founded by James O’Keefe @JamesOKeefeIII the mission of Project Veritas @PVeritas_Action is to investigate and expose corruption, fraud, and other misconduct in public and private institutions. File on the violently insane. James O’Keefe has just completed a book entitled "American Pravda: My Fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News." Order

Jan. 17, 2018 Twitter Bans Political Dissidents for Foreign Governments, "We Do That a Lot for China".

UPDATE: Another Project Veritas undercover investigation has revealed a former Twitter software engineer admitting that Twitter acts under the whims and pressures of foreign governments – notably China – by silencing and banning users at their request. In an undercover Project Veritas journalist asks Miranda if foreign governments pressure Twitter to ban certain people in their countries. Miranda initially tells the Project Veritas journalist that he "cannot disclose that information." Another Project Veritas journalist met with Miranda on January 1, 2018. In this meeting, Miranda opened up and admitted that Twitter does in fact ban people at the whims of foreign governments. He also reveals some of the pressures that China in particular puts on Twitter if they do not comply.

Monday, January 15, 2018


Social media are under attack for their left-leaning bias and censoring politically incorrect users and content. These policies are egged on by Social Justice Warriors and 'snowflakes' seeking safe spaces free from dissent. In the meantime social media are censoring and suspending Conservative activists wherever the opportunity presents itself. Hypocrisy is rife! 

UPDATE: According to a recent lawsuit filed by former Google engineer James Damore, Google’s definition of diversity is “women or individuals who were not Caucasian or Asian.” (MoreA well-known Republican San Francisco lawyer has filed a lawsuit against Google seeking to represent white, male, or conservative employees who believe the company has discriminated against them. (More)


After 8 years of Obama the globalist nihilists feel they are entitled to power. The narrative that Trump colluded with Russia has culminated in the installation of a Special Counsel headed by former FBI director Robert Mueller. It has since transpired that Obama holdovers conspired to frame the elected Government of Donald Trump. Related: Uranium One, Hillary emailsHouse and Senate Russia investigations.

UPDATE: Since at least July 2016, the upper echelon of the FBI and the Department of Justice began a stealth operation—with the complicity if not instigation of President Obama—to taint and destroy Candidate Trump with a concocted “Russia collusion” narrative. Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice, has been running a little-watched parallel investigation that is already producing results—when he is not manipulated or overborn by Robert Mueller. His name is not familiar to most Americans, but Mr. Horowitz has played an important role since President Obama named him Inspector General (IG) for the Department of Justice in 2012. Congress mandated the position of IG for every major federal agency. The 72 IGs work on behalf of the taxpayers as independent watchdogs over their respective agencies. (More)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


The Democrats and the CIA say "the Russians hacked the DNC headquarters, Hillary's substandard server and/or campaign director Podesta" (or something) to achieve victory for Donald TrumpThe content was never denied. The House and Senate Select Committees on Intelligence are investigating alleged collusion of the Trump campaign with Russia, to no avail so far. #CIACoup  Special Counsel investigation.

Jan. 10, 2018 Rep. Gohmer's razor: "Ironic that the Russians played the Democrats when the Democrats thought they were playing the Republicans". 

UPDATE: You could spend half the night trying to fathom why ever the Dems are near hysterical about Senator Feinstein's stunt to go rogue and release the August hearings with Glen Simpson of oppo research company Fusion GPS: now they really got Trump (@ECMcLaughlin thread reader),. Or so it seems. Or you could wait for Gohmert's razor to drop (video). The Russian playbook: they produce misinformation about adversary politicians which they then leak to the media. It is indeed ironic that in this case the Russians used the Democrats by way of Steele and Fusion GPS as a conduit to leak disinformation about Donald Trump.

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets throughout the country to oppose the corrupt, brutal and terror-supporting regime in Tehran (interactive map). In 2009 Obama sat back as the regime slaughtered innocent protesters in order to protect his legacy: the "peace deal" with Iran. President Trump is focusing attention on the regime rather than "economic issues" as the Western media are maintaining. Trump is issuing daily warnings. 

UPDATE: The Revolutionary Guard has declared "victory" over the protests. Former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was arrested by authorities for allegedly inciting unrest against the government, the London-based daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported Saturday, citing “reliable sources in Tehran.” The newspaper said that Ahmadinejad, during a visit to the western city of Bushehr on December 28, said, “Some of the current leaders live detached from the problems and concerns of the people, and do not know anything about the reality of society.” (More)


Every pretense of objectivity gone, the media are now openly hostile to Republicans, Conservatives, Donald Trump and all voters who support the Right. The press is not the fourth estate that controls power, it is in open opposition to the democratically elected administration. The current cohort of established media types do not observe and analyse; they build straw men and subconsciously engage in projection!

UPDATE: Fire and fury on the Sunday morning talk shows as President Trump is returning from his cabinet meeting at Camp David to the White House. You be the judge how Stephen Miller handled the interview that Jake Tapper cut short on Fake News CNN. In the meantime CIA Director Mike Pompeo destroyed Fire and Fury on FoxNews. Dershowitz has been ripping the latest developments by Democrats and the media to roll out psychiatrists foisting diagnosis on the President's mental health in violation of the Goldwater rule that prohibits medical verdict without proper personal examination. It's extremely dangerous and puts the Soviet Union to shame.

Monday, January 1, 2018


On Monday Dec. 11, 2017 the nonprofit documentary film company Brave New Films hosted a press conference in a New York hotel where three women recounted their allegations of sexual misconduct against President Trump. The group demands a Congressional investigation. The White House issued a statement. The various cases have been listed in a Gateway Pundit article

UPDATE: Left-wing political operatives and Hillary Clinton backers David Brock [ex Soros funded Media Matters] and Susie Tompkins Buell [Esprit fashion] bankrolled $700,000 allegedly to find people who would accuse then-candidate Donald Trump of sexual misconduct before Election Day 2016. Brock’s American Bridge 21st Century Foundation and Buell, a major donor to the foundation, reportedly donated the six-figure sums to Lisa Bloom’s law firm, which specializes in sexual harassment allegations against public figures, according to a report from the New York Times. Brock gave $200,000, and one of his major donors, Susie Tompkins Buell, gave $500,000. Bloom’s firm capitalized on the sexual harassment allegations against Trump in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, offering to sell alleged victims’ stories to media outlets for a 33 percent commission. (...) The efforts failed after only one woman said she was willing to come forward if she got paid $2 million and then never came forward with her story. Bloom claimed that she refunded the donor cash with the exception of some “out-of-pocket expenses” accrued from trying to put cases together, but Democrats familiar with the firm’s financial arrangements said otherwise. (More)