Friday, August 26, 2016


The FBI, Judicial Watch, Citizens United, congressional commissions and various other institutions are at present conducting investigations into corruption and charity fraud related to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation and Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State.

Aug 18, 2016 The Clinton Foundation has been linked to all sorts of illegal activity, from bribes to money laundering, which is now under FBI investigation. More on See also "Clinton Cash".

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton’s team of aides and lawyers deleted emails from her private server using a software program intended to “prevent recovery” and hide traces of deleted files. South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy revealed the information during an interview on Thursday on Fox News. Citing notes that FBI investigators took during their probe of Clinton’s private email server, Gowdy said that Clinton’s team used open source software called BleachBit to remove tens of thousands of emails from her server. (...) Heather Samuelson, a longtime Clinton aide and former State Department official, oversaw the review of Clinton’s emails before they were given to the State Department. Clinton lawyer David Kendall and her former chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, oversaw the process. (Source)


The West's confusion about moral issues lies deep within the roots of liberalism itself. Liberals do not see morality as objectively true, but as a subjective matter of personal taste. Liberalism commits suicide. Nothing illustrates this existential problem better than the debate about the burqini.
 Rana Ayyub illustrates what Muslims think about the burqini issue. 

No subject illustrates the moral confusion in the West better than the debate about the burqini. Opinions floated in this debate can be summed up briefly as follows:
  • The burqini is "equality" and "women's lib" for Muslim women.
  • In a liberal society everyone should be able to wear whatever she wants, including the burqini.
  • The burqini liberates Muslim women from the prying eyes of Muslim men.
  • The burqini is an evil instrument of Muslim oppression of women.
  • The burqini is stealth islamization of Western societies.
  • The burqini is Muslim supremacy.
  • The burqini provokes bigots and is therefore a danger to the public order.


Hillary Clinton had embarked on a Presidential campaign that was to be her coronation: a reward for sacrifices in her previous life as second fiddle to her husband as First Lady. This process was interrupted in 2008 when a young community organizer jumped on the scene out of nowhere. Will 2016 be the year of the Queen of Corruption? 

Aug 25, 2016 The Truth About Hillary's 'Alt-Right' Speech.

UPDATE: The polls are getting tighter and the various Clinton scandals have now reached the mainstream of the media. Hillary had to respond to divert attention from her health issues, the numerous investigations into her email scrubbing ("like with a cloth" and Bleach Bit?), Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation selling pay-for-play schemes at the State Department. So Hillary postponed a talk on the economy and instead played the race card against Donald Trump. In recent days Trump has been reaching out to black voters; it is estimated upto fourteen percent of blacks are now leaning towards Trump. In her talk Hillary also lashed out to the AltRight, a group of young, right wing activists that primarily target moronic, postmodern feminists and Social Justice Warriors. The volunteers at the Clinton campaign somehow tied the AltRight to Trump's campaign manager, Breitbart News Chief Stephen Bannon. As Paul Joseph Watson is pointing out in above video, this is huuuuge tactical mistake. The unspeakable Alex Jones while first caught by surprise, is now ripping into Hillary in the video here below (Roger Stone weighs in). Hill speech transcript, video and article. Breaking News: Trump was supposed to be on the Alex Jones Show tomorrow. If the Clinton campaign got wind of this, Hillary's smearing of Jones must be seen as an attempt to discredit him as a news source, which is a standard Democrat tactic. They never address the issues, they personally attack the nature and honor of the messenger.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


George SoroS isn't any old Leftist. By the same token you could accuse him of being a fascist. George SoroS is where violent revolutions spring up, where discord and division reign. Chaos and anarchy serves his purpose. Crises are opportunities for the devil's spawn.

Mar 12, 2016 Bill O'Reilly exposes George Soros.

UPDATE: The recent DC Leaks, of over 2,500 documents from George Soros NGOs, has shed a bright light on how the billionaire uses his vast wealth to create global chaos in an never ending push to deliver his neo-liberal euphoria to the peasant classes. While Soros has managed to thoroughly destabilise the European Union by promoting mass immigration and open borders, divided the United States by actively funding Black Lives Matters and corrupting the very corruptible US political class, and destroyed Ukraine by pushing for an illegal coup of a democratically elected government using neo-nazi strong men…one country that Soros has not bee able to crack has been The Russian Federation. Russia’s political pragmatism and humanist value system rooted in a traditional, “nation-state” culture most likely infuriates Soros. Russia is Soros’ white whale…a creature he has been trying to capture and kill-off for nearly a decade. Unfortunately for Soros (and fortunately for the entire planet) the Russian government realised the cancerous nature of Soros backed NGOs, and took the proper preventative measures…which in hindsight, and after reviewing the DC Leaks memos, proved to be a very wise move. (...)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The EU is limping from crisis to crisis. A currency and an economy under fire, an expensive migration crisis that puts pressure on open borders policy, the rights of women violated by Islamic rape culture, now almost daily terror attacks and eurocrats who are dangerously confused. 

UPDATE: Another day, another insight into the wonderful world of eurocratic philosophy. Whereas the "President of Europe" informed us on July 26 (scroll down) that open borders is the EU's highest value, today he'll have us know that borders are the "worst invention ever". Since we just came to the insight that true rights -- like freedom and grassroots democracy -- are not even possible without borders, the only conclusion is that we're dealing here with a tyrant of the first order. If we want Western Enlightenment to survive, we had better start fighting back. Because this wancker sure as hell isn't going to retreat on his own.


The globalist cabal of Governments and Financial Institutions have produced yet another product hedging itself against the collapse of the phantom economy. But in the end they can only save themselves by destroying freedom and democracy itself. Nationalism versus globalism is not about Left or Right; it's about to be, or not to be. 

Postmodern art: a true depiction of the globalist, phantom economy.

Some observers are surprised consumers have less and less money to spend. Savings in the bank are shrinking. A silent killer of wealth is at work. Inflation is relatively low in the euro zone. So what can it be? Having lived both in the Netherlands and in Greece I can attest to living standards in both countries dropping to unprecedented levels. Internal euro zone devaluation has been a reality for a long time. It takes the form of ever lower wages. The Greeks know all about it! The phantom economy is not based on true value, but on make belief and Monopoly money. It's fictional. Above piece of postmodern art is not just disgusting; it is a true depiction of how the phantom economy works. It's captioned "To: The World. From: Capitalism", but the very opposite is true! Capitalism is about added value. The phantom economy is about the artificial reproduction of causeless effects.

Monday, August 22, 2016


Tensions between Russia and the West are once again rising. Russia keeps testing American and European air space. Western globalists are engaged in saber rattling, while degrading their own military. These are serious strategic contradictions. What the hell is going on? 

Aug 19, 2016 Alex Jones breaks down the latest march to WW3 as Russia and Ukraine square off and Chinese and US warships stalk each other in Asia.

UPDATEHow do we know the globalists aren't talking and acting out of goodwill? There are a few pointers which are largely hidden to the naked eye.
1. The globalists are escalating tensions where no apparent threat is imminent.
2. The globalists are smearing opponents like Trump and alternative media with being "Russian agents" just for opposing the globalist unwarranted escalation.
3. Benevolent power is always economic, never military (unless defensive). Here we see the opposite. The willful destruction of the economy, while beating the drums of war for no apparent reason.


Racist! is used by the Left as a weapon to control speech they don't like. It has become so blunt with use, that some don't even know anymore what actual racism is. Donald Trump is making an effort to re-start the debate, but probably not in the way race baiters wanted. 

The race tribunes are constantly scolding Americans for avoiding the “conversation” about race we have to have before we can heal our racial divisions. Eric Holder in 2009 laid out this argument in a speech calling on America to “examine its racial soul.” We are “essentially a nation of cowards,” Holder said, for we “simply do not talk enough with each other about race.” What we need is “to have frank conversations about the racial matters that continue to divide us.” Of course, coming from a lieutenant in the most racially divisive administration since World War II, this advice is preposterous.


Donald Trump called Barack Obama the founder of ISIS and Hillary Clinton its co-founder, echoing the words of Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) that the US made a willful decision to allow Islamic State to form as a weapon against Assad. 

Aug 11, 2016 Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof: Obama and Hillary Clinton created the conditions for ISIS and ignored warnings of the Caliphate.

UPDATE: Russian-Israeli journalist and political analyst Israel Shamir offers his insights on why Trump's comments about Obama and Clinton being 'the founders of ISIS' may just put an end to Hillary Clinton's White House ambitions (...) in a recent op-ed analysis for Svobodnaya Pressa. (...) 
Secretary of State Clinton was able to convince Barack Obama (who it is said played a passive role in this story) to deliver weapons to the enemies of the governments in Syria and Libya. To this end, a huge cache of American weapons was sold to Qatar. The tiny Persian Gulf principality with a huge budget paid for the weapons and even transferred a large sum into the accounts of the Clinton Foundation. The weapons were sent to Islamist extremists in Benghazi in eastern Libya near Egypt. They were distributed there by small-time Egyptian thugs, and were then used to overthrow Gaddafi."