Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Every pretense of objectivity gone, the media are now openly hostile to anything right of center. The press is no longer the fourth estate. It is in open warfare with the democratically elected administration of President Trump. Not willing to take the media attacks lying down, every criticism offers a new opportunity of pursuing the war against the people. 

UPDATE: Orwell lives! "The dirty war on the free press must end," is the demand of the collective "hate Trump" mainstream media. Following the initiative of The Boston Globe, newspapers across the US are launching a coordinated attack tomorrow against the President and his "enemy of the people rhetoric". It stings! It must be pointed out that Trump's criticism is against the fake news media, not every news outlet in general. But chances are a great many of them will be part of tomorrow's ambush. The media have elevated their own status to the praetorian guard of free speech. But the keen observer has already concluded that free speech is exactly what they intend to destroy. From manipulating the people's perception to outright lies, the enemy of the people and the foe of a free nation is exactly what they are! Tomorrow these liars are sinking even deeper than they've already done. Their emotive qualification of Trump's critique as a "dirty war" is the very illustration of their illicit trade: demagoguery.


With the Democrat Party essentially going for open borders by calling for the abolition of ICE (US "border police"), and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) (Wiki) openly encouraging the harassment of Trump officials, the "Resist" movement hit a brick wall with Supreme Court Justice Kennedy announcing his retirement: the last liberal redoute will be beyond reach for generations to come. So what's next? 

UPDATE: Kanye West refuses to go away. The integrity of this man can be measured by the risk he's taking by coming out as a defender of  independent thought, freedom of speech and Trumpism. Yesterday a poll came out that calculated black approval of the President at a whopping 31 percent, up from 15 to 18 percent just a year ago. If that is true, the Democrat Party is dog's breakfast. Allen West praises the other national treasure, Candace Owens.


The Far East is another powder keg created by the Obama power vacuum. Candidate Trump took a tough position on China trade and military expansion. Then came the Mar-a-Lago conclave. President Trump told Xi Jinping that if he wouldn't fix North Korea, the US would. After a virtual blockade and decades in a state of war President Trump offered Kim Jong-un a one time package deal he can hardly afford to turn down. 

Aug. 12, 2018 Life Liberty & Levin: Michael Pillsbury Author of "The Hundred-Year Marathon".

UPDATE: Mark Levin had a "must see" episode last Sunday on his FoxNews program in which he talked about the Chinese long term policies with Mike Pillsbury @MikePillsbury, lnational security expert, director for Chinese Strategy at the Hudson Institute, and author of "The Hundred-Year Marathon" (transcript). In the meantime negotiations with North Korea are ongoing. Thomas Wictor has a special way of looking at the relation between President Trump and Kim Jong-Un. 

Monday, August 13, 2018


The Democrats and the intel community say "the Russians hacked the DNC headquarters, Hillary's substandard server and/or campaign director Podesta" (or something) to achieve victory for Donald TrumpThe content was never denied. The House and Senate Select Committees on Intelligence are investigating alleged collusion of the Trump campaign with Russia, to no avail so far. #CIACoup Steele Dossier,  Special Counsel investigation, IG investigations.

Aug. 12, 2018 Nunes talking to Maria Bartiromo on Ohr testifying to Congress on Aug. 28.

UPDATE: The roles of Bruce and Nellie Ohr are presently getting the exposure they deserve. Sunday on "Sunday Morning Futures" House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) said the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton’s colluded with nearly every top official in the Justice Department and FBI. Nunes said (...) he [Ohr] has been the go-between Christopher Steele, so once Christopher Steele was terminated as a source (...) Bruce Ohr, one of the top lawyers in the Department of Justice, kept continually meeting and providing information from Christopher Steele to who? The FBI.” (...) Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, who also will have to be interviewed soon, she also was working for Fusion GPS, working for the Clinton campaign. So here you have information flowing from the Clinton campaign from the Russians (...) fed into the top levels of the FBI and Department of Justice to open up a counter intelligence investigation into a political campaign that has now colluded with nearly every top official at the DOJ and FBI over the course of the last couple years.” (MoreThis thread lays out the Bruce Ohr-Glenn Simpson connection. The FBI knew they were fed garbage, but to stage a coup they ran with it anyway.

Friday, August 10, 2018


On June 23, 2016 the British people voted to Brexit. Britain joined the European Economic Community (the Common Market) as the EU was known then, in 1973. PM Theresa May (a remainer) miscalculating a snap election that cost her the majority in Parliament, formed a Government with the support of the DUP and proceeded to negotiate exit conditions with the spiteful EU in Brussels.

UPDATE: The current row over Boris Johnson having benignly likened the burka to a letterbox or bankrobber outfit goes much deeper than one would expect at first glance. British politics can be quite Byzantine. According to some commentators it's an exercise to prevent him from launching a leadership contest against Theresa "Sharia" May. It makes sense. Rowan Atkinson approaches the row joke technically: He wrote: "As a lifelong beneficiary of the freedom to make jokes about religion, I do think Boris Johnson's joke about wearers of the burka resembling letterboxes is a pretty good one. "All jokes about religion cause offence, so it's pointless apologising for them. "You should only really apologise for a bad joke." (More) But there's more at stake when a major political party is bowing for anti-liberal religionists. It's surrendering basic values to dictators! Maggy Thatcher cries...That is the real damage to the Tory Party that probably can never be undone.  

Thursday, August 9, 2018


Obama set out to go into history as the US President who made peace with Iran. To achieve his goal he was willing to sacrifice anything. The ideology of the Mullahs hasn't changed. The globalist leaders of the free world have capitulated and Iran knows it: the Mullahs continue their hostilities. President Trump is done with the regime. 

UPDATE: What civilized entity would align, protect and deal with the regime in Iran? Answer: North Korea, the European Union (and the United States under Obama). The EU announced in May that it is determined to preserve the Iran nuclear deal despite the US withdrawal. Nevertheless European enterprises will have to make a choice, which not hard with the bottom line in mind: trade with Iran, or trade with the US; you can't do both.


Social media are under attack for their left-leaning bias and censoring politically incorrect users and content. Conservative activists are being suspended as a matter of corporate policy. And now the mainstream is finding out that the exploitation of personal data is at the core of the techies' business model! Ow noes!

Aug. 9, 2018 Sean Hannity's exclusive interview with Jack Dorsey. 

UPDATE: Sean Hannity scored a major coup on Wednesday when he interviewed Twitter CEO @Jack Dorsey during a week when the techies' war on conservative speech went hot after Apple, Facebook and YouTube (Google) banned Alex Jones' Infowars. It becomes clear from the interview that liberals have no idea of the slippery slope of censoring, a subject studied at length centuries ago by the thinkers of the Enlightenment. So they have charged themselves with the task of picking "harmful" speech from 400 million tweets posted every day. They don't even understand the difference between fact and opinion, yet they continue to make their own subjective rules which they then try to apply objectively in an algorithm.

Saturday, August 4, 2018


Communication with the voters is an important component of Trumpism, directly through social media or through the hostile legacy and mainstream media. Here we collect President Trump's most important videos from a historical or of a political perspective. 

Live stream: President Donald Trump Holds MAGA Rally in Lewis Center, Ohio. Donate to Trump TV Network, 

UPDATE: President Donald J. Trump holds a campaign style rally at Olentangy Orange High School in Lewis Center, OH.

Friday, August 3, 2018


Dinesh D'Souza (IMDbis an Indian American conservative political commentator, author and filmmaker. D'Souza came to the United States as an exchange student and graduated from Dartmouth College. He was a policy adviser in the Reagan administration between 1987 and 1988. He became a naturalized citizen in 1991. From 2010 to 2012 he was president of King's College. His latest film "Death of a Nation" is out in August 3, 2018. 

UPDATE: "Death of a Nation" premiers tonight. In the movie clip D'Souza is showing an insightful interview with the true Alt Right leader, Richard Spencer. The Alt Left is throwing the slur Alt Right around rather losely. Spencer is the real thing. In the interview D'Souza and Spencer shatter the idea that white supremacism is right-wing. The American right has always been about individualism, which is the result of the Judeo-Christian relationship with God, which is personal by definition. It has literally nothing with ethnic collectivism. Socialism on the other hand -- be it national, international or democrat -- is collectivist in nature, depending on the collective it champions, the ethnic group, the international working class or in postmodern times, the various minority group identities.