Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Neo Communist party leader Alexis Tsipras set up a confrontation with the transnational elites as he is making good on his promise to end economic reforms. In the meantime national sovereignty and the democratic process have been suspended by the euro group, who in effect are trying to run the country instead of the elected government. 

Stefan Molyneux explains why the current system is a prop up for the Socialist system of private money controlled by governments. 
"The Tragedy of the Euro" by Philipp Bagus is a Must Read for all students of the euro disaster area. The book explains the history of banking and why current monetary system is so corrupt, that it is bound to collapse sooner or later. The Mises Institute has kindly released a free PDF of the book. 
UPDATE: Initially this is coming out of the Eurogroup meeting that was just completed. Greece has tabled a new proposal for ESM support that will be discussed tonight among the political leaders. Final decisions will be taken tomorrow in the Eurogroup after a quick assessment of the situation and the requirements. In the meantime here's the crisis explained in maps and charts:

If you had to pick one chart that encapsulates Greece's crisis, it would be this one.

The roots of Greece's crisis are simple. Before Greece joined the Eurozone, investors treated it as a middle-income country with poor governance — which is to say, a credit risk. After Greece joined the Eurozone, investors thought that Greece was no longer a credit risk — they figured, if push came to shove, other Eurozone members like Germany would bail Greece out. They were wrong. As this chart, via the American Enterprise Institute's Desmond Lachman, shows, after Greece joined the Eurozone, investors began lending to Greece at about the same rates as they lend to Germany. Faced with this sudden availability of cheap money, Greece began borrowing like crazy. And then, when it couldn't pay back its debts, it turned out financial markers were wrong: Germany and other Eurozone nations weren't willing to simply bail Greece out. That led the market to panic around 2010, and you can see interest rates on Greek debt spike once again. Those high interest rates make it basically impossible for Greece to borrow, and that makes it impossible for Greece to pay its debts. The result: Greece is insolvent and the Eurozone isn't as tight a union as the financial markets — and maybe the Eurozone's member states — believed. That's the crisis.


Monday, July 6, 2015


As the threat from ISIS extremists grows, the European Union’s Chief Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini has caused consternation by asserting that political Islam is a firm part of Europe's future. Evil is OK, as long as it's democratically justified! 

Jul 2, 2015 The Head of Security for the EU has just announced that radical Islam is a legitimate political force in Europe.

UPDATE: The European Union’s top prosecutor says she has been told that smugglers’ boats bringing migrants across the Mediterranean to Europe also are carrying miltants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Michele Coninsx, head of the EU’s judicial cooperation agency Eurojust, told reporters Monday she received the information as part of Eurojust’s efforts to help EU nations jointly respond to illegal immigration, terrorism and cybercrime. Coninsx said Eurojust’s coordination efforts are ongoing and she couldn’t divulge what EU nations have told the agency. (Source) Lets's hope Coninsx isn't overruled by @FeredericaMog because by her standards this doesn't make any difference.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Today, the 4th of July, we celebrate US Independence Day. It marks a sharp contrast with its postmodern rival, the European Union. With tomorrow's referendum in Greece, the difference between the two Unions couldn't be more evident.

America is celebrating today its 239th birthday. People knew better back then how to organize a free country. Case in point, the European Union. Europeans are taught to believe that Liberty is some vague abstraction that allows you to wear whatever you want. Democrats often confuse the ballot box with Liberty. The logic follows, that the EU couldn be fixed with more democracy, an elected Commission, or whatever. This will do nothing for freedom. The essence of Liberty is not a Government chosen by a majority, but a Government that protects our inherent rights and is subordinated to the people. In Europe this concept of Liberty does not exist; it never has.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The International Philosophy Match: Germany Versus Greece

Man-made events are the result of the thought processes of their creators. The implosion of Greece is the first crack in the artificial world of the European Union, the brain child of the make-belief school of thought rooted in the German philosophical tradition. 


This hilarious Monty Python sketch is more apt than most people, or even the creators themselves, will realize. The Greek philosophers were not monolithically objective in their analysis of reality. But Aristotle can be credited with the best school of analytical thought that humanity has ever produced. 

We thank the Muslim Golden Age and the scholastic, Thomas of Aquinas for the European Renaissance and the Enlightenment that followed Aquinas' efforts to reintroduce the Aristotelian school. The result is the culture of reason and Liberty that is the root of Western civilization today.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Roots of the Postmodern Sociopathy

The sociopathy we experience today in indiduals and of societies themselves are the result of literally decades of self-delusion called political correctness. This process began as Cultural Marxism. An Australian YouTube channel called IPhone Conservative brilliantly explains the destruction from within. More in The Historical Root of Cultural Marxism.

How Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness create a culture of victim hood. Fragments societies, undermines the rights of free thought and free speech. More here

The World’s 10 Biggest Oil and Gas Companies (Infographic)

From 2005 to 2015 global oil output has increased from 83 million to 93 million bpd (1.29%). The oil and gas companies with the most impressive increases often all state-owned. Other economically less rational resources are taking over, but only at the expense of the tax payer.

Infograhic by Visual Capitalist. (Source) (Click to enlarge)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

UK Pastor Facing 6 Month Jail Sentence For "Satanic" Islam

Pastor James McConnell senior pastor from Whitewell Tabernacle In Belfast is facing up to six months in jail for calling Islam satanic. The trial is reminiscent of the charges facing Geert Wilders (for a second time). Are our Western justice systems not prepared to defend the central tenet of the Enlightenment, the freedom of speech? 

The freedom of speech is closely related to the freedom of enquiry, the life blood of reason and science, without which prosperity and progress will no longer be possible. It is therefore of fundamental importance that the flow of information is not impeded. Political correctness (recently at root analyzed here) favors those who take offense at the expense of an opinion -- or objective truth -- as the case may be. But political correctness isn't about that. It is about nihilistic egalitarianism, levelling to the point of the lowest common denominator.

Dutch Public TV Censors Wilders' Motoons Broadcast

After the attack on the Charlie Hebdo in Paris and the free speech event in Copenhagen, an assault by two ISIS orcs on the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas. The contest was won by Objectivist artist Bosch Fawstin. Geert Wilders as the key note speaker, was on the spot.

Jun 20, 2015 A selection of Muhammad cartoons were shown today on Dutch public television.

UPDATE: Well, almost, that is. With the broadcast schedule already confrmed (source) some other footage was shown. Wilders spoke with the director of national state TV who assured him this was all due to a 'misunderstanding'. This is overwhelming evidence that someone is trying to censor the freedom of the press. Next effort: Wednesday June 24, 17:55 hrs LT.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Turkey Fire Warning Shots At Syrian Refugees

Evidence has been uncovered suggesting the Turkish secret service MIT has been trafficking Jihadists and weapons across Turkish territory. But also the choices and actions of the Erdogan Government betray where the true loyalties lie.