Saturday, November 28, 2015


Islam apologists have long pointed to a "moderate" Islam. It's a Western construct based on a 25 year old lie. (Source) Islam is Islam. But if Jews and Christians can reform, so can Muslims. Key is the long and hard process of individualization: you don't change the ideology, you change the mindset of the people. 

Nov 18, 2015 The Divine Grace of East Indies Islam - Trailer

UPDATE:  (..) In a way, it should not be surprising that this message comes from Indonesia, the home of Islam Nusantara, widely seen as one of the most progressive Islamic movements in the world. The movement — its name is Indonesian for “East Indies Islam” — dates back more than 500 years and promotes a spiritual interpretation of Islam that stresses nonviolence, inclusiveness and acceptance of other religions. (...) A prevention center based in Indonesia, expected to be operational by the end of the year, will train male and female Arabic-speaking students to engage with jihadist ideology and messaging under the guidance of N.U. theologians who are consulting Western academia. The film, “Rahmat Islam Nusantara” (The Divine Grace of East Indies Islam), has been translated into English and Arabic for global distribution, including online.


Turkey shot down a Russian SU-24 after it violated its airspace, upon which Syrian rebel Turkomen downed a rescue helicopter and killed a pilot. Erdogan has defended the decision, but expressed his regret. (Tweet) It's still the question why a country that violates Greek airspace at the rate of 40 times a day, would be so trigger happy.

UPDATE: The matter of the spat between Turkey and Russia could well be explained from a view of revenge for the Russians bombing a convoy of tanker trucks last week, loaded with oil from IS held territory. Some of those trucks may well have belonged to Erdogan's son in law (source), who is presently Turkey's minister of Energy. (RT has the story) But let's have a look at the bigger picture.

Friday, November 27, 2015


Where does happiness and self esteem come from? Not from free acknowledgements for participating. Not even from money well earned. It comes from setting goals and achieving them. But it starts with the awareness that man has free will. Without that, you wouldn't even think about it? 

How to Build Self-Esteem, by Yaron Brook Ph.D., Director of the Ayn Rand Institute. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Turkish secret service MIT has been trafficking Jihadists and weapons across Turkish territory to ISIS. The evidence is overwhelming. There's proof of Turkish customs officials standing by as Islamic State trucks carrying fertilizer for explosives, pass by. But there's more. 

UPDATE: The Turkish downing of the Russian fighter is blowing open Erdogan's protection and support of ISIS. Putin has revealed the oil deals with IS (tweet), but in Turkey itself Nationalists are demanding the Government's protection of rebel Turkmen in Syria. To defend his policies, Erdogan then had to come out, stating that "maybe arms were shipped to Turkmen in those trucks" implying how much they've been helping them.


Multiculturalism fails because it's another infamous Utopian ideology. It's not based on human reality, but on a collectivist fantasy world. Professor Ali Moghaddam explains in a free PDF what multiculturalism is, why it fails, and what is the alternative way forward.

Multiculturalism isn't melting pot. It's the opposite.

The concept of multiculturalism has often been discussed in these pages. It never worked because it's based on a lie. The worst thing is that politicians do not even know what the concept really is. Or they obfuscate its meaning on purpose so they can continue their divisive policies. Multiculturalism isn't a country of multiple cultures. It is a country that considers every culture equally valid -- be it cannibals or inventors of aspirin, refrigerators and rocket science. Multiculturalism acknowledges, legitimizes and celebrates irrelevant racial and cultural group differences. This doesn't lead to equality but to division, apartheid, tribalism and balkanization. Far from a composite society, polylogism is exactly the opposite of melting pot and diversity based on common human values. Ali Moghaddam explains. H/t @JRussellEsq

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


The Caliphate battle ground: the nation state and borders are Western constructs on an area that once was the Ottoman Empire (Sykes-Picot Agreement). To understand the situation on the ground we must look beyond state lines and peak into history. Primer on ISIS



In the Netherlands critics of Islam are being oppressed and even prosecuted. The question if they are right is legally irrelevant. According to the Constitution offending a 'group' (in this case a nationality) constitutes 'discrimination'. Time for a repeat of the political trial against Geert Wilders until the judges get it right.

UPDATE: Wilders MP has requested the Court of The Hague for his human right to a fair trial and self defense be respected. He has submitted a list of witnesses and expert witnesses, but the Court has rejected them all. Geert Wilders has said on earlier occasions he doesn't believe his right to a fair trial will be honored.


Man has an inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But here's the catch: rights can only be maintained and protected within a jurisdiction. This requires nations and borders. Their self determination means that the people have the right to decide who they want in. The current migration crisis can potentially destabilize entire regions by its sheer size.

Nov 18, 2015 Counterterrorism Expert: 'Don't Wait for Uncle Sam to Protect You'.

UPDATE: An FBI counterterrorism expert has delivered a stunning warning about terrorism right here in America. Although frightening, many believe it makes perfect sense. Dr. Sebastian Gorka, an expert on counterinsurgency and counterterrorism and who runs The Gorka Briefing website, appeared on Fox News with Megyn Kelly on Wednesday to warn Americans that ISIS is already among us and that we shouldn’t sit back and expect the government to protect us. (...) (Source)


It started with the Arab Spring, Obama's foreign policy to bring the Muslim Brotherhood democratically to power. The Russians are now bombing the West's 'moderate' allies in Syria, as Iran's influence is expanding. A new geopolitical paradigm is in the making. 

UPDATE: The scandal involving about 50 intelligence analysts for U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) who were pressured to downplay the effectiveness of the Islamic State while it was a growing threat is at critical mass. The Pentagon's inspector general has in his possession emails and other documents that prove there was pressure to doctor the analyses of the Islamic State in order to minimize the threat and talk up the White House "narrative" that the military was doing a good job in degrading the abilities of the terrorist group. Fox News: Fox News is told by a source close to the CENTCOM analysts that the pressure on them included at least two emails saying they needed to “cut it out” and “toe the line.”