Friday, October 31, 2014


The battles of the Kurds at Kobane (Ayn al Arab) in Syria, the Mosul Dam and Mount Sinjar in Iraq against the Nihilistic marauders of the Islamic State, are in a deciding stage. The threat is military, but the primary aim of this war is the subjugation of the people. 

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Erdogan Blanks Out On Defense of Kobane

As suspected for some time the world is presented with a confidence trick, a false choice between radicals and moderates where no such divide exists. The smoking gun is provided by none other than Abu Muhammad al-Amriki, who perished Oct. 12 in the service of the Caliphate - "The Caliphate Conspiracy"(bottom). 

Abu Muhammad al-Amriki was under orders while fighting with Nusra to let arms from Turkey pass to the Free Syrian Army. H/t @VuralPolat

UPDATE: There's something seriously amiss with the Turkish President Erdogan. He can't for the life of him understand why the coalition is concentrating so much of their efforts on Kobane. Suppose you're a hard nosed, pragmatic, Machiavellian power politician and you're half a psychopath who's incapable of empathy; even then there's still the matter of the symbolism, dealing a vicious opponent (?) a major psychological blow, postmodern optics, an historically oppressed people, and the one chance to score brownie points with that suspicious peace partner and their many friends in the West. What TF is the matter with this man?! He appears to be obsessed with getting the secular Assad out, nothing else seems to matter.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chickenshit Gate: 'Comments Not Worthy Of Our Time'

The Atlantis magazine has published a piece quoting White House officials speaking in uncommonly undiplomatic terms about Israeli PM Netanyahu. The White House slipped exceeding fast into damage control mode. What could possibly have prompted this lunacy?

Mr Dan Gillerman, former Israeli Ambassador to the UN.

UPDATE: What Psaki actually said: we take this with a grain of salt, anonymous comments are not worthy of our time.


Below is a link to the emergency appeal for the people of Kurdistan, under attack by the most cruel murder machine since the Nazis. These are vulnerable people and possibly the last without a state to back them up. Their histories are lost in the mists of time.



#SaveYazidis #SOS_SINJAR #Twitterkurds #HelpKurd #Airdrops4Kobane

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Poor Is Good, Less Is More!

The present is a good example of ideological manipulation that is going on all the time, category postmodern 'politically correct thought and rhetoric; academic attacks on thought and language' from this chart on the Evolution of Socialism. (Source) Don't get manipulated; beware!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Geert Wilders Explains His Plan to Save the West

Geert Wilders, the founder and leader of the Party for Freedom, currently the largest party in the Dutch parliament, joined The Glazov Gang. Wilders came on the program to crystallize the only way the West will be able to preserve itself. 

Oct 21, 2014 The Glazov Gang - Geert Wilders on "The West’s Battle for Freedom." (Source)

Geert Wilders' Plan to Save the West

By Diana West

I was near Washington, D.C. interviewing the visiting Geert Wilders, leader of the Netherlands' Party for Freedom, when the news flashed that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the Canadian convert to Islam who terrorized Ottawa on Wednesday, had previously had his passport lifted by the Canadian government as an officially designated "high-risk traveler." (Source)

General Allen Sees Political Role For FSA

Turkish President Erdogan wants to send a contingent of 1300 men of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to help the Kurds defeat IS in Kobane. The same FSA that the Obama administration wants to train and arm in order to act as 'boots on the ground'. And now a government in waiting. They don't stand up to scrutiny. 

Free Syrian Army (FSA) Col. Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi after the rebel capture of Menagh military airbase.

UPDATE: Has the US dropped the FSA? We have to be realistic. The Obama regime has been pursuing the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood wherever it got the chance. Egypt, Gaza, Turkey and Syria. The US already know who they are. If Obama is dropping the FSA -- which is not very likely -- it is not over their Islamist qualifications. In fact, they may have been upgraded from 'boots on the ground', to government in waiting. The US is pursuing a 'political solution' rather than a military one.

Islamic State Hostage John Cantlie In Kobane?

The Caliphate, the Islamic State, or IS(IS) has released a series of videos showing beheadings of American and British hostages. With a propaganda series narrated by the captive British journalist, John Cantlie the tactic has changed. The emerging of IS in Algeria means this evil is spreading like wild fire. 

Oct 27, 2014 "Inside Kobane 'Ayn al Islam". 

UPDATE: Another PR coup and a victory by the orcs of the Islamic State? Well, no. Not exactly. Fraud or moderate artwork, is more like it. In anticipation of the supposed conquest of the town IS have renamed Kobane (Arabic name Ayn al Arab), Ayn al Islam. Here's an interesting piece about the etymology: Ayn al Arab actually means... Arab Spring! (Source

Monday, October 27, 2014

British General & NATO Chief: Fight IS On the Ground

At last war is under way against the Islamic State in Syria: Obama's War has started. John  Kerry has said the destruction of IS is not the objective. He also said this a counter-terrorist op that could "take years". What must be prevented is assisting Assad, while the division of Iraq must be prevented.

Oct 20, 2014 Children stuck on muddy Mount Sinjar. Below them the brutal orc armies of Islamic State. H/t @JacquelineWxxx

Dedicated live blog for the battle of Kobane.

UPDATE: Another senior general has come forward advocating boots on the ground. The war is simply unwinnable without ground forces. The Kurds are too small a force and the FSA, well, the FSA has been identified as the armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. (Source) With hindsight it was that organization that prevented the secular Assad from reforming the country, a process that was widely expected when he took over from his father.