Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Russian Separatist Admits Downing MH17

Russia isn't entitled to any 'buffer states'. Ukraine has the right to control its own destiny. Russia has annexed the Crimea. The east is being subverted by the same means of irredentism. The downing of MH17 may well be a game changer

3 teams of international experts are at the crash site in eastern Ukraine. A member of the international monitoring team said pieces of the wreckage had been cut into and changed, possibly to remove bodies.


US Suspends Flights to Israel After Rocket Attack

Three Israeli teens have been abducted and killed by Palestinians; one Palestinian was killed in revenge. Then protests erupted all over Israel and the territories. After some 95 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel overnight, the patient Government of Bibi Netanyahu has launched Operation Protective Edge

Hamas Spokesman admits Hamas is specifically targeting Jewish citizens in Israel, a war crime according to the Geneva Convention. Incidentally, a Israeli Bedouin was killed by a Hamas rocket on July 19. 

UPDATE: Interesting tools: the Flight Radar and Israel rocket counter?

Qatar Resorts To Propaganda Via Front Media

Qatar is one of the main terror masters and if the country had an awful year, that is good news for freedom and individual rights. And as the main supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar's broadcaster Al Jazeera is for all intents and purposes the Brotherhood's PR arm. Just this week a court in Egypt condemned a number of Al Jazeera journalists to lengthy jail sentences

A few weeks ago I was in Vienna where I met a researcher specialising in Muslim Brotherhood affairs. He told me that since they were expelled from power in the Egyptian coup (uprising) of July 2013 their strategy has been to multiply sympathetic news websites, funded almost entirely by Qatar, so as to give the illusion of "multiple sources" for the stories that they want to promote. Recently one of the Qatari funded MB sympathetic websites called Middle East Monitor fabricated a story about the UAE's Foreign Minister meeting the repugnant Israeli terrorist Foreign Minister Lieberman and funding the onslaught on Gaza. This story was then mirrored in the other MB sympathetic new sites such as Arabi21 that Qatar funded before being picked up by the "mainstream" (now sadly discredited) Al Jazeera Arabic which has so far refused to backtrack on the story which was "reported" (fabricated) in other websites backed by its own funder. Another incident was the "uncovering" (fabricating) by a Qatari funded MB multiplier website of UAE spies in Gaza under the guise of aid workers that was then reflected in the other mirror websites. (Source)

Iraqi Christians: Raped, Murdered & the West Is Silent

Ayn Rand pointed out that the individual is the smallest minority. Although the Left bring up arguments about protecting minorities for opportunistic reasons, in fact they couldn't care less. Their target is the West's power structure. How do we know?

Docu about the plight of the Christians in Iraq produced by Deutsche Welle.  

UPDATE: For the first time in 1,600 years, Mass is not being said in Mosul: an ancient culture has been wiped out in a matter of weeks. It's a war crime that, strangely, no one seems to want to talk about. Mosul is the second-largest city in Iraq and the place where many Christians believe Jonah was buried. Since the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) rode into town, their faith has been forced underground. Bells have been silenced, the hijab enforced with bullets. Tens of thousands fled after being offered an unattractive choice: convert, pay a religious tax, or be put to the sword. The levy was unaffordable. According to one local news agency, Isis troops entered the house of a poor Christian and, when they didn’t get what they wanted, the soldiers raped the mother and daughter in front of their husband and father. He committed suicide out of grief. (Source)

The Caliphate: "We're Coming For You"

ISIS has joint its conquered territories in Syria and Iraq together (maps) in a new Caliphate simply named the Islamic State, or IS *. IS is demanding that all Sunnis pledge allegiance to the Caliph, al Baghdadi. Almost immediately objections are being raised against this accomplished fact

ISIS has declared the Caliphate in the territory it is holding in Syria and Iraq and has adopted the name IS, Islamic State.

UPDATE: ISIS released a new video on Sunday titled “The End of Sykes-Picot” (check the maps blog for more). The Islamist Abu Saffiya from Chile, shows off the spoils of war and raises the Islamic flag at a former Iraqi military base. Another Islamist mocks Obama at the end of the video.

Islamist Abu Saffiya from Chile presents the Caliphate's latest propaganda coup. 

US Border Crisis Has Hallmarks of Asymmetrical Warfare

Obama's foreign policy has been so successful, the Middle East has now been entirely destabilized. Sunni and Shia terror states, Jihadists and a reconstituting Russian Empire are stepping into the vacuum of the retreating Pax Americana. At home the Cloward-Piven strategy is gathering steam

Former Border Patrol agent Zack Taylor has to say on this immigration crisis.

UPDATE: I came across this video interview from earlier this month and recommend you all take the 15 minutes to watch it. Retired border patrol officer, Zack Taylor, says the immigrant surge has all the hallmarks of asymmetrical warfare, which seeks to destroy the infrastructure of a nation from within. (Source)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spain Introduces 0,03% tax on bank deposits

The truth and morality of 'equality of outcome' economics as narrated by Piketty and his shills in politics and media is a good example of Gaslighting. It is fueled by 'truth by concensus'

You're not crazy. The left will just keep GASLIGHTING you until you think you are.

UPDATE: The OECD and the IMF have for some time now been advocating this measure. Spain is the first country to introduce the 'bail in': retroactive from Jan. 1, 2014 onwards bank deposits will be subject to a tax of 0,03%. (Source (German)) - H/t @AncetreIV

Iranian Commanders On Front Line in Iraq

Sunni and Shia forces are pitted against each other for hegemony of the region. ISIS has been carving out its Sunni Caliphate/Wilayet in Syria and Iraq (maps). The Shia led Government of Iraq is aligned with Iran. The West has no stake at this point in the proxy war

Megyn Kelly talks to Ambassador John Bolton and author Andrew McCarthy (June 21, 2014). Bolton: At this time the West has no stake in Iraq.

UPDATE: A Iranian general has emerged as the chief tactician in Iraq’s fight against Sunni militants, working on the front lines alongside 120 advisers from his country’s Revolutionary Guard to direct Shiite militiamen and government forces in the smallest details of battle, militia commanders and government officials say. The startlingly hands-on role of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani points to the extent of the Shiite-led Iraqi government’s reliance on its ally Tehran. It also strikes a strong contrast with the more methodical, cautious approach of the United States, Iran’s rival for influence in Iraq. Shiite fighters have come to idolize the Iranians who have moved into the heat of battle alongside them — with two Iranian advisers killed in fighting — while government officials grumble the United States has failed to come to their aid. (Source)

Absurd Misinformation and Propaganda About MH17

In the Netherlands the Left and the Right are united in moral outrage over the downing of flight MH17 by cronies of President Putin in the breakaway east of the Ukraine. But for the Left this hawkish tone is highly untypical. What's going on?

Presser by Dutch PM Mark Rutte: handling of the aftermath of the crash by Kozak separatists is disrespectful and disgusting. 

A stupid accident is much more likely, but the 'international community' is operating from a narrative of design. Why this escalation? The amount of misinformation and war propaganda from all sides is prolific. We will stop providing updates until such time that demonstrable facts become available; or a party involved breaks its narrative, signalling an ideological shift of importance.