Sunday, April 26, 2015

Islamic State Declares Death To Houthis in Yemen

Few have realized it yet, but the old order is dead. As bad as IS may seem, they are a sideshow compared to the conflict that is about to engulf the Middle East and North Africa. A head on collision between Islam's two great traditions: Shia Iran and its proxies on the one hand and on the other a great Sunni coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Caricature of the new alliance shown in the Arab media as a right-arm fist portruding out of the earth with the mark "There is No God But Allah and Muhammad Is His Messenger". 

UPDATE: Iraq and Syria, Libya, Yemen, Nigeria, the Philippines — but nothing to be concerned about: Obama and John Kerry and David Cameron and every other Western leader assures us that it has nothing to do with Islam.

April 24, 2015 Soldiers of the Caliphate in the Land of Yemen.

Supporters of the Islamic State say they’ve declared a caliphate in the deserts of Yemen, where government forces are battling Shiite Houthi rebels, and Al Qaeda fighters are gaining ground amid the chaos. In a nine minute video published online, the group calls itself Soldiers of the Caliphate in Yemen. (Source)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Greek Government Starts Countdown For Endgame

Neo Communist party leader Alexis Tsipras set up a confrontation with the transnational elites as he is making good on his promise to end economic reforms. Time is running out. But it's getting worse! The neo commie-fascist coalition is playing Russia's antagonism against Greece's Western allies.

UPDATE: Two months after coming to power the Greek Government has started issuing decrees for the control  of capital in the country. Municipal authorities have been instructed to return to the state any cash reserves not immediately required for their upkeep. This is the beginning of the end game.
It took the radical leftist one all of 2 months since coming to power. And the punchline is that the use of confiscated proceeds is unclear: the government says it is to pay pensions and wages, but recall that the same government recently confiscated pensions to repay the IMF, so according to the chain of logic, the government first raided pensions, and now municipalities, just to repay the dreaded Troika. The Athens city council and the union of municipalities and communities in Greece will convene tomorrow to debate the order, a press officer of the mayor’s office said. And one everyone realizes what just happened, expect the riot cam and the Greek Pay-Per-Riot channel, which has been on hiatus since the summer of 2012, to be fully reactivated. (Source)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Agreement With Iran Wasn't Negotiation, But Surrender

War is looming between Iran and the Sunni Islamic Ten State military coalition. The Obama regime wants to go into history as the 'peace makers with Iran' and are willing to sacrifice everything to achieve it. The ideology of the Mullahs hasn't changed.

In this pre-election videotape Hassan Rowhani brags about deceiving the West over the illicit nuclear program and claimed credit for vastly expanding it. H/t Nasim Online, translation: Reza Kahlili. Log on Sep. 21, 2013.

UPDATE: Postmodern leaders in the West want "peace" with Iran at any price, also nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and the sell out of our allies. 

John Bolton: Nobody Believes Obama on Iran

Western leaders wanted something akin to an agreement. They got something akin to an agreement. Iran's leaders seem to have spotted pretty soon that Western leaders would willingly concede everything -- and possibly more -- to get any "agreement"; so that is what Western leaders got. Western leaders not only failed to reach an agreement; they capitulated. The reason for the talks was to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. When, according to Western reports, they saw that Iran would not agree to stop, they "flipped" and instead became complicit. All signs indicate that the West is planning to give a lawless, expansionist, terrorist regime nuclear weapons capability -- as a reward for violating international treaties again and again. What message are other rogue nations to take from that? (Source)

The Hidden Hand Behind Islamic State IS Revealed

The ex con Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi a.k.a. Caliph Ibrahim and his orc gangs of the Islamic State are setting the Middle East on fire. It is now emerging what is the hidden hand behind the terror organzation with state building capabilities and the spy network reminiscent of East Germany's Stasi secret operators.

Nov 2, 2014 In June 2003, the US-led Coalition Provisional Authority of Iraq, banned the Iraqi Ba'ath party and all its members. This upset the fragile balance of power that existed in the Middle East.

UPDATE: After the story in the Washington Post, it's now Germany's Der Spiegel to come up with revelations about the Saddam Hussein origin of IS. But to jump to conclusions that the Syrian revolution against Assad was somehow democratic, or that Islam has nothing to do with the terror spree, is premature. The former Ba'athists involvement must be seen as simply jumping on a bandwaggon that was already in full force. But it does explain IS' success of IS' three pronged stategy: it's state building capacities, it's use of Stasi-like spy networks and the application of institutionalized terror.
Within IS, there are state structures, bureaucracy and authorities. But there is also a parallel command structure: elite units next to normal troops; additional commanders alongside nominal military head Omar al-Shishani; power brokers who transfer or demote provincial and town emirs or even make them disappear at will. Furthermore, decisions are not, as a rule, made in Shura Councils, nominally the highest decision-making body. Instead, they are being made by the "people who loosen and bind" (ahl al-hall wa-l-aqd), a clandestine circle whose name is taken from the Islam of medieval times. Islamic State is able to recognize all manner of internal revolts and stifle them. At the same time, the hermitic surveillance structure is also useful for the financial exploitation of its subjects. The air strikes flown by the US-led coalition may have destroyed the oil wells and refineries. But nobody is preventing the Caliphate's financial authorities from wringing money out of the millions of people who live in the regions under IS control -- in the form of new taxes and fees, or simply by confiscating property. IS, after all, knows everything from its spies and from the data it plundered from banks, land-registry offices and money-changing offices. It knows who owns which homes and which fields; it knows who owns many sheep or has lots of money. The subjects may be unhappy, but there is minimal room for them to organize, arm themselves and rebel. As the West's attention is primarily focused on the possibility of terrorist attacks, a different scenario has been underestimated: the approaching intra-Muslim war between Shiites and Sunnis. Such a conflict would allow IS to graduate from being a hated terror organization to a central power. Already today, the frontlines in Syria, Iraq and Yemen follow this confessional line, with Shiite Afghans fighting against Sunni Afghans in Syria and IS profiting in Iraq from the barbarism of brutal Shiite militias. Should this ancient Islam conflict continue to escalate, it could spill over into confessionally mixed states such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Lebanon. (Source)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jon Stewart Does A Fruit-Fruit-Tits-Tits On Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Turns out the postmodern stupidity of the false equivalence by non essentials is of all ages. Watch this scene, an episode from Black Sails, an altogether very recommendable American dramatic adventure television series set on New Providence Island.

Fruit, Fruit, Tits, Tits - Black Sails - IMDb - Wiki

UPDATE: Simply uncanny! You don't expect this to happen! Just as we posted an interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the event of her new book -- Heretic -- on the all pressing necessity of a Islamic reformation, here is liberal cynic Jon Stewart doing a Fruit, Fruit, Tits, Tits on her, insisting instead to focus attention on the false moral equivalence of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Ayaan, who has heard this stupidity a gazillion times before, keeps her eye firmly on the ball. Watch! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Islam apologists and enablers have long pointed to so-called "moderate" Islam. It's a Western construct based on a 25 year old lie. (Source) Islam is Islam. But if Judaism and Christianity can reform, so can Islam. 

March 23, 2015 Ayaan Hirsi Ali Discussing 'Heretic' with Megyn Kelly.

UPDATE: Read it all - get the books now! Here are links to both the English and the German editions of @Ayaan 's new book. 'Heretic'.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The 'Free' Syrian Army Is Fighting For Survival

The Obama administration is training and arming the 'moderate' Free Syrian Army (FSA) to act as its 'boots on the ground'. But moderate is a Western construct. In a fight between seculars and Islamists, supporting seculars -- albeit dictatorial -- is a no brainer. 

Free Syrian Army (FSA) Col. Abdel Jabbar Al Okaidi after the rebel capture of Menagh military airbase.

UPDATE: An article in Christian Science Monitor describes the false Western narrative to a T. It makes no sense to support these Muslim Brotherhood operatives. Who believes these are democrats, needs his head examined (but then, the same lunacy happened in Egypt and almost pushed the country over the brink). What the article does explain however, is why Israel is 'supporting' them, rather than the Hezbollah-Assad-Iran axis. (Source)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Battle of Tikrit Decisive For The War Paradigm

Sunni and Shia forces are pitted against each other for hegemony of the region. ISIS has been carving out its Sunni Caliphate in Syria and Iraq (maps). The Shia led Government of Iraq is aligned with Iran. The West has no stake in the proxy war, but no one is immune to a toxic concentration of this kind. The coalition has started to support Iraq even if Obama is unwilling.

UPDATE: Another great article by Hasan is a stark reminder about what this conflict is essentially all about: Sunni and Shia forces are pitted against each other for hegemony of the region.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Heroes in Egypt Confront Islamist Ideology

Egypt is struggling to restore the country after narrowly having escaped rule by the Muslim Brotherhood. The former military leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, currently the country's President, is showing true leadership in uniting the country and spearheading efforts to reform Islam.

UPDATE: For years, intellectuals have called on Cairo's Al-Azhar University to change its pre-medieval mindset of jihadism, without any success. This time might be different. In December 2014, Egypt's President, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, gave a speech at Al-Azhar and told clerics there that it is time to modernize the Muslim faith, which has put itself at odds with the rest of humanity. It was the perfect venue for the speech. Al-Azhar is the pinnacle of Sunni Islam's education system. It is influential not just in Egypt, but throughout the world. Al-Azhar has educated many of the leaders of Islamic fundamentalist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi groups. For the first time in the history, a heroic head of state stood before Al-Azhar's scholars, insisting they acknowledge that there is a real problem with Al-Azhar's teachings and asking them to reform the religious ideology, primarily through changing its core domain, education. Sisi had the courage to call for a religious revolution within Al-Azhar. In the house of the religious scholars, he took them on. (Source)