Thursday, July 19, 2018


On July 10 the President and Melania Trump embarked on a trip to Brussels, the UK and Helsinki (50 Paradigm Shiftsthe Trump Doctrine). The media laced the tour with actual and manufactured controversies. During the press conference after the summit in Helsinki, Donald Trump failed to publicly humiliate the Russian President Putin about meddling in the US elections. The Left felt embarrassed. The controversy continues to this day. 

July 18, 2018 FBI Director Wray at the Aspen Instutute: Russia does not tamper in our election structure, no votes were changed.

UPDATE: The Russians do not mess with voting apparatus, voter roles, or voting machines as Democrats are claiming. They sow discord by convincing the losers they were cheated. In that they are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams. FBI Dir. Wray also said that China is the “broadest, most challenging, most significant threat we face as a country.” Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff interrupted the House Intel hearing on China in a failed attempt to subpoena the Trump-Putin interpreter.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


The Democrats and the intel community say "the Russians hacked the DNC headquarters, Hillary's substandard server and/or campaign director Podesta" (or something) to achieve victory for Donald TrumpThe content was never denied. The House and Senate Select Committees on Intelligence are investigating alleged collusion of the Trump campaign with Russia, to no avail so far. #CIACoup  Special Counsel investigation, IG investigations.

July 16, 2018 New text messages prove Obama was involved with Trump campaign spying.

UPDATE: Text messages from Lisa Page to fired DAG Andrew McCabe dating back to October 2016 have surfaced proving that the Obama White House was involved in the FBI probe on Russian collusion. 


With the Democrat Party essentially going for open borders by calling for the abolition of ICE (US "border police"), and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) (Wiki) openly encouraging the harassment of Trump officials, the "Resist" movement hit a brick wall this week with Supreme Court Justice Kennedy announcing his retirement: the last liberal redoute will be beyond reach for generations to come. So what's next? 

UPDATE: CNN has the #WalkAway campaign finally nailed! A writer on CNN claims that #WalkAway gay and blacs grassroots are actually Russian bots. Just so you know! This has two effects. Liberals are setting themselves up for another psychological shock come November. It is one thing to manipulate the electorate, but it takes a special kind of stupid to apply mass delusion to the point of self sabotage. But there is yet another, even more destructive effect for democracy as a whole. When the blue wave turns scarlet, it's the Republicans and Donald Trump claiming to have won another illegitimate election. Rush Limbaugh reduces the problems even further: this is Democrats in the effort of controlling all future elections. From here on every election lost by Democrats is automatically tainted by Russian meddling and/or Trump collusion.


As the author Robert Spencer said, much of the vicious criticism against Tommy Robinson can be attributed to class bigotry. Many of the postmodern elites didn't have to grow up in inner city slums. Those who don't reach their level of white privilege, were often abused and displaced by a hostile, alien culture. The British police state has finally put Tommy behind bars while gagging the media to report about it.

UPDATE: We are waiting the result of Tommy Robinson's appeal today at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. The verdict could be another day, or week, or even month. For details please check the timeline of Ezra Levant @ezralevant and hashtag #FreeTommy

Friday, July 13, 2018


The globalist elite feel they are in a new Cold War against Russia and Donald Trump is their agent. That delusion has culminated in the installation of a Special Counsel headed by former FBI director Robert Mueller. It has since transpired that Obama holdovers and shadow warriors in the deep state conspired to frame the elected Government of Donald Trump. Related: Uranium One, Hillary emailsHouse and Senate Russia investigations.

July 13, 2018 Twelve Russians Indicted: Deputy AG Rosenstein Press Conference.

UPDATE: Timing is everything. So one day after the debacle of the Strzok hearing, while President Trump is inspecting the Guard of Honor with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle and two days before the Helsinki summit with President Putin, Rosenstein is breaking news with the indictment of 12 Russian Military Intel GRU officials, There is no new information whatsoever. The FBI still has not inspected the DNC server and it is still a dumb spearfishing operation, not a hack. No vote counts or tallies were changed. No Americans committed a crime, making the Special Counsel investigation moot. Assange has always denied the Russians (or any state sponsor) were his source.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


In the United States and all over Europe Nationalism (or Nationism) is on the rise. But it isn't the virulent, ethnic version that pitted state against state in previous centuries. Rather, it's based on shared Western values, like individual rights and democracy. But what does Nationalism 2.0 have to offer that Globalism does not? 

UPDATE: Manhattan Institute scholar and Thatcher biographer Claire Berlinski - not your average batshit crazy lefty -- provides us with an unique insight into the mindset of the traditional liberal democrat, post World War 2 world view. It reflects the default perspective of the Democrat Party. Only now President Trump exposed the essentially anti American fallacies and corruptions in that doctrine. Read in Threadreader:

Monday, July 9, 2018


Communication with the voters is an important component of Trumpism, directly through social media or through the hostile legacy and mainstream media. Here we collect President Trump's most important videos from a historical or of a political perspective. 

Live stream: President Trump Announcement on Supreme Court Justice Nominee expected at 9pmET.

UPDATE: President Trump announces his pick for the Supreme Court to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy.


Every pretense of objectivity gone, the media are now openly hostile to anything right of center. The press is no longer the fourth estate. It is in open warfare with the democratically elected administration of President Trump. A "tell all" book by fired director of the FBI James Comey is now offering further ammunition. 

UPDATE: In the Trump era, there's been a lot of worthy, aggressive journalism probing every facet of his administration and its alleged missteps. But there's also been a series of mistakes and fact errors by top news organizations, which may itself be historic in nature. Earlier this year, the President named what he sees as top offenders in his Fake News awards. Some of his examples tracked with ones we, too, identified while researching this report on what we think is one of the biggest stories of Trump's Year One. (...) Recently, a journalism think tank called the Neiman Lab released a survey showing a continuing a steep increase in the percentage of Americans who think the news media is biased. 45% now think there is 'a great deal' of political bias in news coverage, up from 37% just five years ago. (More) H/t @fntrader


On June 23, 2016 the British people voted to Brexit. Britain joined the European Economic Community (the Common Market) as the EU was known then, in 1973. PM Theresa May (a remainer) miscalculating a snap election that cost her the majority in Parliament, formed a Government with the support of the DUP and proceeded to negotiate exit conditions with the spiteful EU in Brussels.

UPDATE: Boris Johnson quits as Foreign Secretary over Brexit hours after David Davis in killer blow to May The Prime Minister could now face a leadership challenge from Leave-backing MPs furious at the soft Brexit plan agreed by the Cabinet at Chequers. Theresa May's grip on power was hanging in the balance this afternoon after Boris Johnson resigned as Foreign Secretary just hours after she lost Brexit Secretary David Davis. The two big beasts both walked out of the Cabinet in protest at the PM's plans to force through a soft Brexit. Mr Davis warned this morning that Mrs May is pursuing a "dangerous strategy" in talks with Brussels - but insisted he's not trying to force the PM out of power. But the resignation of Mr Johnson as Foreign Secretary could deliver a death blow to Mrs May's struggling Government, with MPs lining up to launch an official leadership challenge to the Prime Minister. The double blow - coming after Mrs May thought she'd managed to unite the Cabinet around her Brexit strategy - is the biggest threat to the PM since she took power. (...) EU sources mocked the Cabinet chaos, describing it as "rats fleeing a sinking ship" (More)