Monday, January 23, 2017


Obama-Clinton agitators of, racist Black Lives Matter and Organizers For Bernie paid for by George Soros and other liberal billionaires provoked violence at Trump ralliesProject Veritas revealed who's behind the violence against Trumpists. The inauguration is the latest target.

UPDATEOfficially Inauguration Day was followed by the Women's March. In reality the protests and riots started well before the Deploraball, the day prior to the Inauguration on Jan. 21. It's impossible to report on everything that happened. We concentrate on the riots at the Deploraball and the Women's March. A special story is the assault on white supremacist Richard Spencer. Not to excuse him, but violence and the freedom of speech are mutually exclusive. We will do a separate posting on that later on.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Tuesday Nov. 8 Donald Trump was chosen President Elect of the United States. The world is on the eve of a geopolitical revolution (50 Paradigm Shifts). It will take a major adjustment for Trump opponents. And how will Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Asia deal with the new reality? We look at the developments on Planet Trump.

UPDATE: The Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer set the tone on day one when he called a White House press briefing, not for a policy issue, but to berate them for a piece of Fake News tweeted by a reporter of Time Magazine involving the alleged disappearance of a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office, which was potentially very damaging and completely irresponsible. And then there was the matter of belittling the crowd size at the inaugural ceremony. The media are juggling figures and different photographs around in continued efforts to de-legitimize the Trump Presidency. The press pool was not expecting such a scolding at all and 24 hours later they are still foaming at the mouth during the various Sunday talk shows. Which begs the question, who voted for these people? In other words, where do they get their authority to make war on entire classes of people they don't like, and their political representatives? This is typical of autocratic elites. They conjure up authority from whole cloth! They have reason to exist as long as they do their job. But when they they become hostile, they might as well pack it in and go home.  And, while the press is fixated on itself and their war on Trump the vetting of a Supreme Court pick has accelerated. That has not even been reported. The media were otherwise engaged. To be continued.


The Democrats and the CIA say the Russians hacked the DNC headquarters, Hillary's substandard server and/or campaign director Podesta (or something) to 1. undermine the US electoral system and 2. to achieve victory for Donald Trump. The content was never denied. Obama retaliated against Russia. An attached 'dossier' by an ex MI6 spy published by CNN and Buzzfeed was slammed by Trump as Fake News.

UPDATE: On day one President Trump went to CIA Headquarters to talk to the now leaderless rank and file. Brennan is gone and the new director is pending confirmation. He said their new director Pompeo is a star of whom they will be very proud. The Generals Kelly (Homeland Security) and Mattis (Defense) have already been sworn in, but the Democrats are stalling the confirmation of Pompeo. Trump took the opportunity to explain that his feud with the CIA was a media construct based on leaks by the top brass of a "dossier" that veteran reporter Bob Woodward called "garbage". He went on to say that the CIA will be leading the charge in the war on radical Islamic terrorism. Critics in the media have severely criticized the president for holding that speech -- that briefly touched on the matter of crowd size at the Inaugural Ceremony -- in front of the stars for fallen CIA agents, which is hallowed ground. The media war is constantly reduced to the latest row, instead of the fact that the 4th estate has now lost all iOts credibility.


Geert Wilders (Dutch Freedom Party), Marine le Pen (French Front National), Frauke Petry (German Alternative für Deutschland), Matteo Salvini (Italy’s Northern League) and Harald Vilimsky (Austria’s Freedom Party) gathered on January 21 at a convention in Koblenz, Germany. They called on European voters to participate in a patriotic spring to topple the European Union, reassert national sovereignty and secure national borders.

Jan 21, 2017 RT - Leaders of several European nationalist parties gathered for the ‘Freedom for Europe’ congress in Koblenz. English voice over translation.

French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen declared Saturday that 2017 will be the “year of the awakening of the people of continental Europe” as she joined fellow nationalist leaders in Germany at the beginning of a year of high-stakes national elections. The mood was celebratory a day after Donald Trump was sworn in as U.S. president, following a campaign buoyed by anti-establishment and protectionist themes. “Yesterday, a new America. Today, hello Koblenz, a new Europe!” Dutch anti-Islam leader Geert Wilders said as he opened his speech at a congress center on the banks of the Rhine river, under heavy security. “The people of the west are awakening. They are throwing off the yoke of political correctness,” he said. “This year will be the year of the people … the year of liberation, the year of the patriotic spring.”


On Friday January 20 Donald J. Trump was inaugurated in Washington DC as the 45th President of the United States of America. After Marxist Globalists plotted to wrest power away from the people, grassroots democracy is once again pitted against the forces of Utopian Collectivism. The White House website. @POTUS The White House YouTube Channel.

Jan 20, 2017 President-Elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President-Elect Michael R. Pence are sworn in on the West front of the Capitol. Full video. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


On June 23, 2016 the British people voted to Brexit. Britain joined the European Economic Community (the Common Market) as the EU was known then, in 1973. PM David Cameron (Remain) resigned after losing the referendum. Theresa May (also Remain) succeeded him on July 13, 2016.

UPDATE(...) the prime minister promised to push for the "freest possible trade" with European countries and to sign new deals with others around the world. She also announced Parliament would get to vote on the final deal agreed between the UK and the EU. (...) the UK's priorities for Brexit negotiations, including:
  • Maintaining the common travel area between the UK and Irish Republic 
  • Tariff-free trade with the EU 
  • A customs agreement with the EU 
  • New trade agreements with countries outside the EU 
  • Continued "practical" sharing of intelligence and policing information 
  • "Control" of immigration rights for EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU 
  • A "phased approach" 

Monday, January 16, 2017


Donald Trump's foreign policy goal is not glorious isolationism, but a fusion of business tactics led by America First. Like trade agreements, treaties with allies will be subject to renegotiation. Trump questions the entire post Cold War geopolitical paradigm, which is thereby up for review

UPDATE: Last night as the President Elect's interview with the German newspaper Bild and Brexiteer Michael Gove of TheTimes of London was published, sheer panic broke out in the ranks of foreign policy watchers. Most aren't used to Trump's type of blunt negotiating skills. They are in for a rough ride. The Times interview requires simple registration for complete access. Gove:
I was invited to see the president-elect, along with my colleague Kai Diekmann, from the German newspaper Bild, because Mr Trump wanted to chat about Britain, Brexit, Europe and the world. The Trump team knew that Kai was close to German chancellors, from Kohl to Merkel, and was aware of my role as a campaigner for Brexit. We chatted, on and off the record, for an hour in his corner office in Trump Tower, surrounded by mementoes of his past successes, commercial and political. (More

Sunday, January 15, 2017


The end game of the Great War on Western Civilization is upon us. After 8 years of Obama the globalist nihilists can't kick the addiction to power. But the magic playbook has become impotent. Desperate times are calling for desperate measures. The warmongering against Russia is going crescendo. Obama has just 5 days to come up with an existential solution. 

UPDATE: (...) The soon to be former President Obama announced this week that effective immediately he has ended the 1995 policy granting Cubans who had fled to U.S. soil nearly automatic citizenship. "Effective immediately, Cuban nationals who attempt to enter the United States illegally and do not qualify for humanitarian relief will be subject to removal, consistent with U.S. law and enforcement priorities," Obama announced Thursday. "By taking this step, we are treating Cuban migrants the same way we treat migrants from other countries." The president's announcement is part of his attempt to "normalize" relations with Cuba, or at least appear to have done so from our end. The communist government has given virtually zero concessions for the changes in American policy, which will ultimately prove extremely lucrative to the oppressive regime. The so-called "wet foot, dry foot" policy provided an easy path to citizenship for Cubans who made it to the U.S. Though the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act still provides Cubans a faster path to naturalization than some immigrants, the end of the two decades-old "wet foot, dry foot" policy makes it more likely that Cuban refugees will be deported. (More)


Fake News used to be click bait and public hoaxes. But to Obama and the mainstream media Fake News is whatever they believe Conservatives think. But in actual fact, Fake News are the lies and constructs the media have been disseminating for years. Those denouncing it, are most likely to spread it. 

UPDATE: Civil rights icon and Democrat Senator John Lewis said in an interview on Friday he considers Donald Trump an illegitimate president on account of the elections being "hacked by the Russians". The Democrats were going to play that card one way or another, because other than by legal means, it is the most effective way of dealing with a president you don't like. Which begs the question, where will they stop? The answer is, at nothing. So a piece of Fake News is all in a day's work for the media: pulling the Palestinian trick is on page 1 of the playbook: reversing cause and effect, the aggressor and the victim are switched sides. Plus, NYT has new instructions for journalists and the media.