Sunday, December 21, 2014


Since they never took the trouble to study what Islam actually is, multiculturalists will be shocked to learn that their protégés of the Islamic State have begun executing foreign ISIS volunteers, because they "just want to go home".

Islam apologists are ideologues and racists (by their own definition). Multiculturalism has taken the individualist concept of inherent equality at birth (tabula rasa), and projected it on to various collectives as cultures, religions or ideologies. This shows that this notion is not just demonstrably false, but that it's a corruption. From that perspective, Islam - or any faith that involves human sacrifice or cannibalism for that matter - is just as valid as any other faith. That implies a second corruption: that religion is by definition, good. This is eternal truth, according to postmodernists. Hence, it is not even necessary to study the details of  religions and ideologies: they are equal and good and those who criticise are bigots, and evil racists.


The battles of the Kurds at Kobane (Ayn al Arab) in Syria, the Mosul Dam and Mount Sinjar in Iraq against the Nihilistic marauders of the Islamic State, are in a deciding stage. The threat is military, but the primary aim of this war is the subjugation of the people. 

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Friday, December 19, 2014

State Dept. Issues Worldwide Travel Alert

Officials and their lapdog media are burying the fact that the terrorist who took the Café Lindt in Sydney hostage yesterday, was not just demanding an IS flag. He was also claiming to speak on behalf of IS.

Video relaying demands of the Islamic terrorist claims "this is an attack on Australia by the Islamic State". 

UPDATE: The State Dept. has just issued a worldwide travel alert for US citizens. The explanation for the attack in Sydney is going the usual way, although Robert Spencer has an angle involving a curious story about the halal certifications chief and his wife.

Interview With Survivor of the Peshawar School Massacre

Pakistan has been dancing with the devil for a long time. How dangerous that strategy is, has now become apparent: 141 dead and 120 wounded (pre)cadets, children of Pakistan Army personnel. Murdering innocent kids in cold blood in revenge, is the work of an evil death cult. 
Ahmar @Mustikhan on the Examiner has the full story. (Source)


Sony Attack: Obama Wouldn't Cave To Sensibilities

Sony cancelled their movie "The Interview" after their computer system was hacked by North Korea, causing tremendous damage and threatening terror attacks if the company went ahead with the movie that was due to be released December 25.

Sony cancels The Interview. (IMDb)

UPDATE: When liberals aren't caving to intimidation, they are exercising it. That's what makes this episode the height of hypocrisy. The FBI has now confirmed the Norks are behind the attack. Obama has just completed a presser in which he criticized Sony for having given in to pressure. "We don't want Americans to exercise self censorship because the sensibilities of some tyrant are offended...That's not who we are", RoFLoL! Creative photoshoppers are having a field day! The Nork hackers have sent Sony another email. Successful blackmail invites more. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cuban Americans Furious Over Obama's Betrayal

It's remarkable that the Left for all its dialectical world view of oppressors versus oppressed, is always rooting for the oppressors. Today Obama announced he's been conducting secret negotiations for over a year with the Cuban Castro regime.

Dec 18, 2014 Cuban-Americans Apoplectic over Obama's 'Slap in the Face' to Community.

UPDATE: How come Obama and the Left have such weak knees when it comes to dictatorships, tyrants, terrorists and rights abusers? They blame the West and the Capitalist system, which enables them to appease the bullies. The root is the philosophy of altruism.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


The West is mentally crippled in its defense against the violent side of Islam. False doctrines, faulty conceptual frameworks and political correctness have conspired to make the free world a sitting duck in the face of the evil that has manifested itself in IS, the Islamic State. So, what are we going to do about it? 

Yaron Brook (Director of the Ayn Rand Institute) and Dr Onkar Ghate (Senior Fellow) elaborate on the morality of war. More particular, what are the options in defeating totalitarian Islam. 

For the last 25 years the West has adopted the doctrine, that if we deny that terrorism is rooted in Islam, we can stop radicalization. And may even win Muslims for our side! After a quarter of a century of pursuing this doctrine, we have the manifestation of the Islamic State to show for it. Isn't it time to reject the lie, that many world leaders actually have started to believe themselves?

The Morality Of the Torture Report

40 million tax dollars worth of solidified self denunciation, treason and stunning hypocrisy has the CIA pushing back for the first time in its existence. The Senate Intelligence Committee never even talked to anyone involved; the report is based on information provided by the suspects' lawyers. 

Dec 10, 2014 Vice News talks to James Mitchell,  "the architect," amidst the alligators. 

UPDATE: At last! Reason calls! There's Good and there's Evil. Stress and duress in the name of Good is good, torture in the name of Evil is evil. Critics equate Good and Evil as equally valid and deem torture and duress as equally evil. At root, the critics are moral relativists. Glad we cleared that up. Duress isn't torture and is permissible in the service of the Good (saving lives, defense, bringing terrorists to justice, preventing attacks, etc.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Unique Christmas Gift: Handmade Yazidi Doll

Below is a link to the emergency appeal for the people of Kurdistan, under attack by the most cruel murder machine since the Nazis. These are vulnerable people and possibly the last without a state to back them up. 

Dec 6, 2014 Helly Luv distribution at Baharka Refugee Camp.



Forget the Islamic iconoclastically halal dolls. Yazidi children are producing their own gorgeous dolls as Christmas gifts, while you help out Yazidi refugees!