Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Taste of Islam: the Numbers and Stalistics

Since the onset of ISIS we crossed a new threshold in the brutality of which Islam is capable. No, other religions were not "just as bad", and no, Islam will not go through the same evolution as Christianity, because evolution in Islam is haram

Dr. Bill Warner, Director and Founder of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) analyzes the elements of Islam and tells us how they fit together.

Books available on the site of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI)
Skip the book stuff: at 5:00
On abrogation: 9:30
What is Islam: 14:10
On the unbelievers: 15:15
On Jihad: 19:20
About the Jews: 21:00
On dualism and contradiction: 25:30
Islamic ethics 28:15
The figures of Jihad: 30:20
Law of Islamic Saturation (population figures): at 31:15
On women: 33:00
The Grand Lie 34:39


UN Outed As Tool For Hamas in Killing Civilians

Three Israeli teens have been abducted and killed by Palestinians; one Palestinian was killed in revenge. Then protests erupted all over Israel and the territories. After some 95 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel overnight, the patient Government of Bibi Netanyahu has launched Operation Protective Edge

Jul 28, 2014: Krauthammer: Chaos Around the World Result of Obama's Disengagement and Withdrawal. 

UPDATE: Today's the day the UN was revealed for the corrupt, immoral organization it is.  Hamas would never let them work in Gaza if they wouldn't collaborate. Their agent on the spot @ChrisGunness probably didn't require any incentive at all.

An Anti Putin Ad For Polish Apples

Many are wondering which ideology Russia is following: ethnic Nationalism or an Eurasian cult of personality? It doesn't really matter. This much is sure: it will be premodern in mentality, collectivist in nature and the people will be subordinated to the state

Authoritarian Vladimir Putin taking Russia on the way to a fascist superstate.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bertrand Russell (1920): Why the Left Hearts Islam

Why do Muslims, even when secular, still hate Israel? In observing Muslims, Jew hatred is perfectly explicable from Islamic scripture. But why do seculars hate Israel? 


Europe's Balkan Caliphate Is Built on War Crimes

Greater Albania has been debating if they should go fight in Syria. Kosovo has registered its first Islamist political party: the Islamic Movement to Unite (LISBA), headed by Arsim Krasniqi and supported by Sheikh Shaukat Krasniqi. A Muslim state, a Balkan Caliphate, in the heart of Europe is just a matter of time

"Who offends Koran offends 95% of Albanians", Muslim protesters demand space for new mosque in Pristina, Sept. 2, 2011 (Source)


Monday, July 28, 2014

Koranic Root of Post Ramadan Rioting

The world in under attack on all sides by Islam. This assault is covered up by Governments and the apologetic media. How that is done, is seen here in a good example from Uttar Pradesh, India

2 killed, 19 injured in Uttar Pradesh Gurdwara land row: Sikhs and Muslims clash. Curfew imposed in Saharanpur.


Jewish Schindler Rescues Middle East Christians

Ayn Rand pointed out that the individual is the smallest minority. Although the Left bring up arguments about protecting minorities for opportunistic reasons, in fact they couldn't care less. They do so at their own peril. The human right of the freedom of conscience (or religion) is actually the freedom to think and to act on it

Docu about the plight of the Christians in Iraq produced by Deutsche Welle.  


Reason: The Known Universe

One of the central tenets of postmodernism is rooted in Skepticism: that man is incapable of knowing anything. The source of reason, science and progress on the other hand is the idea that the universe is knowable. So, what do we know? 


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Villages Scattered With Body Parts and Debris From MH17

Russia isn't entitled to any 'buffer states'. Ukraine has the right to control its own destiny. Russia has annexed the Crimea. The east is being subverted by the same means of irredentism. The downing of MH17 may well be a game changer

The Dutch government declared a day of national mourning as the country prepared for the arrival of the first bodies in the afternoon by two military transport planes, one Dutch and one Australian.

UPDATE: Today we hear another side of the story: Ukrainian villages shocked and traumatized by the Boeing that came crashing down on them. A Russian convoy crosses the border. Fierce fighting ensued. And the first Dutch unarmed military police have been spotted.