Saturday, October 18, 2014

Erdogan of Turkey's Politics of Deception

Turkey, the loyal NATO member and future non Christian star of the European Union, is slowly but surely moving towards a totalitarian, theocratic state under Islam. And it is happening largely under the radar. 

Anthology of contradiction: Erdogan has made hundreds of hypocritical speeches in over 40 years in politics and is still producing them.

Historically Turkey has been a valued member of NATO as a bridge between Europe and Asia. The country had an important role during the Cold War as a buffer against Communism. To the ideologues in the EU, membership of Turkey would prove their imperial project is not a 'Christian club', but a multicultural empire in which not just everyone, but also every religion and every culture, is fully equal... except Western culture and Christianity, that are uniquely evil and must be destroyed - for its own good, of course. Turkey would grow the EU by 81,6 million Europeans (source) which is slightly more than the largest EU country, Germany (source) that has a population of just 80,6 million. The power of Turkey would be such, that memberhip would change the overall character of the Union. Which is no problem, given that every country is equal. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Turkey's Int'l Standing In Tatters After Kobane

As suspected for some time the world is presented with a confidence trick, a false choice between radicals and moderates where no such divide exists. The smoking gun is provided by none other than Abu Muhammad al-Amriki, who perished only a few days ago in the service of the Caliphate. 

Abu Muhammad al-Amriki was under orders while fighting with Nusra to let arms from Turkey pass to the Free Syrian Army. H/t @VuralPolat

UPDATE: Dutch Parliament voted today on a proposal to investigate Turkish armaments shipments to Jihadist groups in Syria and Turkish involvement in the attack on Kobane. The same subject was debated yesterday in the Turkish parliament. The former American Ambassador to Turkey as well as US VP Joe Biden have made the same accusations. The name of Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria) is mentioned. "Leaked document proves Syria-bound Turkish trucks were carrying arms." (Source) It has also been reported that FSA has sold weapons to Nusra and IS. Turkey has a huge PR problem, but there's a plan to counter the gap in a campaign for the "hearts and minds" of Europeans. It's laughable. Here's a report of what happened today in the UNSC where new temporary members were chosen. Turkey lost richly from Spain. (Tweet)

Damage Assessment in Kobane, a Town in Ruins

The battle of Kobane (Ayn al Arab) at the border of Syrian Kurdistan and Turkey between the Kurdish defenders and the marauders of the Islamic State, is in a deciding fase. 

Live stream.

Scroll down for the updates.

Twitter Stream. 

UPDATE: With  80 percent of Kobane back under Kurdish control the time has come for some damage assessment. Another head rat dies. And the Americans for the first time admit they are directly coordinating with the Kurdish political party, PYD.

The Flipside Goes Anti-Jihad With Bosch Fawstin

The Flipside with Michael Loftus offers a fresh perspective by taking on the flipside of the news, commentary, and pop-culture. The show has a distinct conservative/libertarian angle. His excellent rant on Global Warming from the second episode immediately went viral, including The Blaze and Fox News.

Oct 13, 2014  This episode of The Flipside features special guest cartoonist Bosch Fawstin.

The Flipside goes anti-Jihad with the guest Bosch Fawstin - author of Pigman - as well as with Michael's excellent rant about O.J. Simpson's conversion to Islam, and some jokes by one of our all time favorite blogs, The People's Cube which is part of the Flipside team. 

Report: Rove Kept Discovery of Iraq's WMD Secret

At last war is under way against the Islamic State in Syria: Obama's War has started. John  Kerry has said the destruction of IS is not the objective. He also said this a counter-terrorist op that could "take years". What must be prevented is assisting Assad, while the division of Iraq must be prevented.

Oct 13, 2014 Evidence shows that the Islamic State (ISIS) has used chemical weapons while fighting Kurdish fighters in July 20 Photographs obtained by the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA Journal) which were published on Sunday appear to support claims that the Islamic State.

Dedicated live blog for the battle of Kobane.

UPDATE: The “Bush lied/People died” chant flourished for years as the Left demonized George W. Bush for invading Iraq and finding “no” weapons of mass destruction. Except that our troops did discover vast numbers of chemical WMDs, but the administration kept the discovery -- and the injuries to our troops that handled them -- secret. The existence of the slur-busting weapons remained largely unknown to the public (but known to AT readers) until the New York Times published a front page story Wednesday, only a day after the New York Post revealed that ISIS fighters had taken over territory where these WMDs were stored. To be sure, these were old weapons, as my colleague Rick Moran is quick to point out, but they remain evidence of Saddam’s WMD programs and stockpiles. So what genius decided to keep these WMD stockpiles secret? Eli Lake of The Daily Beast reports (...) (Source)

Related: Read also the log on Oct. 13, 2014:  "Report: IS Used Chemical Weapons"

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Islamic State Glossy Reports on Yezidi Slave Market

The ex con Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi a.k.a. Caliph Ibrahim, is setting the Middle East on fire as leader of the Islamic State. Details from  his personal life, titbits about the Caliphate ideology and cultural highlights are collected here.

Oct 14, 2014 A GoPro Camera Mounted Onto An ISIS Tank Captures Insane Combat Footage From The Battle In Kobane. 

UPDATE: For more information about Dabiq Islamic State inhouse glossy and downloads, scroll to Oct. 12.


It started as a kissing protest and became a movement against crypto Muslim Brother Erdogan's desecularization program and Islamic authority. Erdogan and his 'democratic' Islamists have the West completely fooled.

Bilal Erdogan, son of Tayyip of Turkey, dinner guest of the boys of ISIS, as they were called at the time.

Dedicated live blog to the Battle of Kobane. Live blog on the Caliphate Conspiracy. Live blog on the War in IS


The Hong Kong Protests: China Blocks BBC Coverage

Demonstrators have been protesting China’s plan for Hong Kong’s 2017 elections. The elections will be less democratic than Beijing had earlier promised. On September 24, the student-led pro-democracy protesters moved to Hong Kong’s financial district, Central.

Live stream.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Islamic State Executes Kurdish Journalist in Iraq

The Caliphate, ISIS, the Islamic State, or IS alias ISIL has released a series of videos showing beheadings of American and British hostages. With the publication of a propaganda series narrated by the captive British journalist, John Cantlie the tactic has changed. The emerging of IS in Algeria means this evil is spreading like wild fire. Now IS murdered a Kurdish journalist. 

Islamic State (IS) militants on Monday evening executed an Iraqi-Kurdish journalist in north-west Iraq. Muhannad Akidi was shot in the head and killed by IS militants in Alghazlani camp, south of Mosul, a representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) said in a statement. Akidi was kidnapped two months ago by IS in Mosul. He worked as a reporter for a local news agency and presented programs on domestic television. Medical staff in Mosul on Monday night were said to be preparing his body to be returned to his family, according to the Abu Dhabi based Erem News. (Source)